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Splinter had invited Celeste to spend the afternoon with him in quiet mediation within the dojo. The boys were all out doing their own things today and she had been
left behind as his request. Though their relationship was amiable at best Splinter thought it was time to get to know here and what she was capable of more thoroughly. He
had invited her to train with the boys and himself on several occassions but she had always refused. It wasnt that she didnt want to or was lazy but he noticed that somehow
she had a fearful spirit about her when presented with the idea. He guessed it had something to do with her expereinces becoming a mage but never pressed her on the subject.
Or it simply could have been that she didnt know how to hold back and prevent herself from hurting anyone. He had seen the battle footage that Donnnie had recorded from his own
headset during their encounters and battles and though she moved quickly enough and had power to her kicks and punches, her methods were unrefined and she had obviously never
been formally trained other than the basics of using her magic. He had a inkling that there was something else going on though and wanted to find out exactly what that was.
Splinter sat on his cushions on the floor with his hands peacefully on his lap, palms up and at rest with his eyes closed and breathing deeply. Celeste sat doing the
same across from him with her legs crossed and equally quiet. He opened one eye a crack and watched her. There was nothing particular about how she meditated but he could tell
she was blocking some part of her mind and not letting go os some emotions she held inside. She would never be able to access her full potential if she remained so shut off
with her heart.
"Celeste." Splinter spoke softly, not distubing the peace or the atmosphere. "Your mind is fighting against something and your spirit is there something
on your mind?"
She slowly opened her eyes. "Not really...."
He smiled slightly. "We both know that is not true."
"To tell you the truth...." she said sadly. "I dislike meditating."
She fidgeted uncomfortably. "If I drop my leaves room for unpleseant things to enter my mind....not just bad memories but other beings through the Ether.
Its like opening pandoras box to the spirit world. I dont like the feeling of being a conduit for such things and I dont like the idea of leaving a door wide open for entities to
be messing with me."
"Has it happened before? Has a spirit approached you from the Ether?" He shifted slightly in his cushions.
"Yes....when I was first learning to use my magic. My mental barriers were weak so anything and everything could pester me. Sometimes it was just voices, other times
its been visions....manifestations....screams...shouts....I cant stand having all that inside my mind or near me so I learned to block it out completely."
"Those things you say are all gifts of a mage....shouldnt you embrace them?"
"Master Splinter...with all due respect have you ever seen an exorcism?" She asked suddenly.
He shook his head. "No."
"When I was in Italy, the Sisters of Umbrea had to perform one on one of their own after a incantation went wrong. I was asked to watch so that I could understand exactly
the forces we were dealing with and it was one the most horrific experience of my life. I saw a girl talk in a voice that wasnt hers, float in the air, cuts appearing on her
body, furniture being thrown across the room...I was lucky to not be a target but that doesnt mean there isnt a being out there that wouldnt try." She said.
"Then what I am about to ask of you will seem unfair." Splinter stroked his chin.
"Ask of me what?"
"I need to know exactly who and what you are, your abilities are much different then 8th mage..." He began, she listened intently hoping he would divulge more about the
identity of said woman. "I need to know what they are and what you are capable of, I think there is more to your abilities then spell I would like to test you."
She shifted uncomfortably. "What kind of test?"
"I want you to fight my son, fight Leonardo." He said sternly and as if Leo had been listening the entire time, he probably had, entered the area and bowed to his sensei.
"Something tells me you had this planned," She said bluntly with a "I knew it" look on her face.
"I wont proceed without your permission." Splinter said softly. " No one will harm you here, no entity will find you, its just you and my son. Please be at ease about
this and show us what you can do."
She took a deep breath and looked at the masked turtle in between the both of them. She really didnt want to do this but she had her hand twisted about saying no to the
creature who allowed her to stay. She felt obligated to say yes. Splinter read her face and saw how conflicted she was.
"Celeste...."He touched her hand. "I promise you....nothing bad will happen to you in here."
She clenched her eyes shut and lowered her head but slowly nodded and stood up. "Alright......." She pulled back her hair into a ponytail and tied it with the rubber band
she kept on her wrist at all times. "I only have to fight him right? No magic?"
"You can always imagine I'm Raph if it helps." Leo Joked and grabbed his two swords off the wall, he left his gear off assuming he would not need it and took his place
at the center of the room.
Celeste whispered under her breath and her clothes changed to her iconic battle suit. She was about to take her place in the ring when Splinter interrupted her. "Please
choose a weapon."
"Uh....I never fight with one." She pointed out.
"All of the previous mages did however. I think it would be fitting if you chose a weapon." He said back casually and waved his hand to the weapons wall. She looked at the
array of items ranging for chain Kamas to Spears and Halbeards. Frankly none of them would suit her and she had absolutely no experience handling anything except a gun during her
military days. She scratched the back of her head and stared at each peice with confusion.
"Take whichever one speaks to you." Splinter said.
"Easier said than done, I've never handled any of these before." She whined but recluctantly took the broadsword, she wondered where they had come up with it, in her two
dainty hands and held it up. It was slightly heavy but well balanced, she could feel in her wrist that swinging it would challenging but not impossible so she rolled with it. She
took her place infront of Leo and bowed.
"A wise choice...The 6th mage was a crusader who could easily handle a broadsword, perhaps some of her experiences will guide you in this battle." Splinter said enigmatically
and signaled for them to start.
"Hajime!" He said sharply as Leo took his fighting stance, both swords at the ready and pointing at her. She gulped at the thought of seriously going head to head with Leo.
Raph was one thing because his anger was easy to predict but Leo, she reckoned, would be the last one she would ever want to face in a real fight. She knew he could seriously
mess someone up when he put his mind to it. Infact she believed him to be the most tactically gifted of the 4 and the in reality the best fighter, though she would never say that
to Raph`s face or suffer his wrath a second time.
Leo started off slow, moving towards her and striking forward in a stab. She lifted the heavy sword and parried it though she knew he was intentionally letting her for the
time being until she could handle herself. He exchanged strikes with her, always her defending and they slowly circled around the room. She started to feel a bit exhasperated though
at the thought of Leo going easy on her and equally embarassed that she couldnt handle a weapon. Infact, she was pretty sure in his mind he was laughing at how silly she looked
holding such a crude weapon.
She lowered her sword and said in a very exhasperated voice. "This isnt going to work..."
Splinter said sternly. "Keep going until I say otherwise. You are letting your embarrassment get in the way, dont focus on that or on what Leo is thinking of you, just
look at your opponent and try to sense him and how he moves, try to match it."
She sighed again and lifted the sword back up into a guard position. They began again, this time with Leo being a bit more aggressive and hitting her sword hard enough to
jolt her wrist and send vibrations down her arm. She countered his strikes and watched how his muscles moved with each swing, remembering the time they were rooftop galavanting
and how fun it had been for her. She enjoyed carefree games like that but this...Leo wasnt really her enemy so she could never imagine herself ever striking at him in anger. She
could only fight the Kraang and the foot because she didnt really see them as human. Leo and the turtles were different, they had souls, they had thoughts and dreams...even if it
was sparring, she couldnt be serious about it.
"Leonardo, strike her harder." Splinter commanded. Celeste gasped, was he serious?! Leo hesitated a bit but did as he was told and brought his sword down full strength on
hers, she felt pain in her wrist and arms by the force of metal meeting metal and sank to her knees with the broadsword above her head blocking Leo's blade. He pushed into it
forcing the blade dangerously close to her forehead. She felt the first trickle of sweat come down her brow as she looked into his eyes. She saw his left arm move up with his
sword in hand and rolled out of the way in time for it hit the cement next to her causing sparks to fly up from the cement. She got up just in time to meet another of his blows
with the same force as the last one, her sword making a audible clang and the same vibration tearing through the muscles of her arms. She felt herself being pushed back out of the
ring and her shoulder blades hitting the wall behind her and she tried to push her blade against him and push him off of her. Of course he was much stronger then her and easily
corralled her back into a corner.
As he once again pushed the blades close to her face and enough for her arms to be crushing her chest and whispered. "You have to try to strike me at some point."
She shook her head. "Its not that easy.....I have to be pretty angry before....I can do something like that....!"
"Do I have to strike a nerve with you the way Raph did?" He grabbed her wrist and swung her around roughly so she was back in the ring. He adjusted his stance once again and
and came at her, this time striking hard from the right and knocking her blade straight out of her hand.
"I order you to strike me!" He said sternly.
"Thats not fair!" She growled.
"Either you strike me or you are a liar!" He hissed that last word at her. He was trying to fuel the fire and he knew if he pulled rank on her she wouldnt refuse.
She dodged his next move and slid across the ground to grab her sword. Picking it up in her hands again she parried his next blow and swung the big sword in a wise sideways
arch, hitting his katana with a fair amount of force but no where near what he was capable of.
"So you get angry when someone calls you names but when someone is after your life you laugh about it?" He said again firmly, exchanging blows with her. "You think you
can just sit idly by and be cute while we are actively trying to protect you? I've seen what you can do, quit trying to be weak! Now I can see why you left Japan, it wasnt because
you became a mage, it was simply because you couldnt handle the pressure!"
"Couldnt handle the pressure?!" She gasped and suddenly a memory came flooding back into her mind. She was laying on the ground bleeding profusly from the head while she
watched another woman struggle in the distance against some unknown man. She shook her head sharply trying to get the image out of her head and clenched her eyes shut while swinging
blindly. She felt steal on steal and when she opened her eyes she suddenly was not in the dojo anymore.
She was standing in a guilded chariot, leather reigns of the horse in left hand, and in her right hand a a flail of gold and silver. She was screaming in a language
she didnt recognize as arrows and spears flew around her, men battling other men and bodies littering the ground as her horse kicked up dust and blood. A armored soldier threw himself
at her and tried to overpower her. She swung the flail against the mans head and kicked his body from her chariot and rode on. Then she blinked her eyes and was back
in the sewer with Leo's sword about to come down on her head. She swung hard  and met his blow, this time with every bit of power she could muster and she felt her adrenaline pump
and sweat break out on her back. Leo watched horror cross her face, what had she just seen? Splinter saw it as well.
"Celeste, let their memories guide you! Dont fight it!" He shouted. She unsteadily backed across the room, holding her head in one hand and the sword in the other. Her mind
was buzzing from the flashback and she felt her heart go into her throat. She was having a panick attack and her breathing started coming out in hysterical gasps. If she didnt
control it somehow her mind was going to fly wide open.
The next memory that hit her had her standing upon a hill looking down at a bloody battlefield, men in black armor battling men in white armor, the symbols on their outer
tunics marking them as crusaders. In her hands she held a flag pole with a tattered flag blowing in the wind. Bodies lay before her feet, bodies of men she had slain. Her long
sword sticking out of the last one she had felled. As she stabbed the flag pole into the ground and grabbed her sword she heard feetsteps behind her and turned to see a man in
impressive armor and a helmet covering his face coming at her. She could feel the fear rise in her, the pounding of her heart in her ears, the smell of sweat and blood mingling
in the air.
Leo wondered for a moment if they had pushed her too far and watched as her eyes fluttered up into her head and her face darken. She went suddenly very silent and all he
could hear was her erratic breathing. He lowered his guard slightly to walk over and check on her but when he reached out to touch her, as quick as lightning she hit his hand away
and he suddenly had a blade tip touching his throat. His eyes met hers and what he saw there was not Celeste, at least not the one he knew. Her whole persona had suddenly changed
and she spoke to him in a different language.
"Fiat voluntas tua." She struck hard and fast almost catching him off guard as he parried her blow, the strength behind it surprising him as she dashed towards him for
another blow. She twirled the blade of the back of her hand like a pro and raised the sword in a upward swing, twisting her body around and bringing it down again in a matter of
seconds. Leo caught the blows but had to admit the ferocity behind them was more than he anticipated.
"Da fortitudenem mihi!" She shouted and swung down, her blade once again meeting his and one of his katanas snapping in two, the blade peices flying into her face as one
scatched her cheek and fresh blood trickled down. She reeled back in pain and screamed, clutching the cheek and falling to one knee as another final memory played out in her mind.
She was standing in a room filled with fire, the heat of the inferno scorching her skin and choking her as she clutched a bundled object close to her chest. She looked
down in horror to see a dead infant in her arms and she screamed. Celeste dropped the sword and clutched her head in both her hands screaming for dear life, her eyes wide open in horror, her skin pale white and blood and tears coming down
her face. She convulsed and fell to the floor in a crumpled heap as she continued to scream and sob.
Leo threw his weapons aside and came to her aid, kneeling down and trying to pry her hands from her face so he could see the damage. She flailed against him like a wild
animals fighting for its life, her eyes totally dilated and her mind a million miles away from both of them. He pinned her to the ground to keep her from hurting her self and tried
to coax her out of her trance.
"Snap out of it! Celeste, snap out of it!" He eventually had to lay his entire weight over her just to keep her still as she hyperventilated and wailed.
Splinter rushed over and placed a hand on her head, trying to measure the situation. "Her mind is in shock! Keep her still until she comes out of it."
"What happened?!" Leo asked still holding down the hysterical girl.
"Memories. Her fighting you triggered a flashback...perhaps of her former kind...or perhaps of death. The memories are too much for her, having the collective lives of 8
others going through her mind and body is too much. She cant mentally handle that stress." Splinter said calmly. "Just keep her steady and keep her warm until she comes round. I
will go back some herbal tea for her to calm her mind. She will be in shock for a while." and with that he disappeared.
Her flailing had already calmed down but her eyes were still blank her her breathing erratic. Leo took her face in both her hands and tried to coax her out of her spell.
"Celeste....Can you hear me? It's ok, you're's all over now." He shook her slightly as her eyes rolled back into her head and suddenly snapped back into place
with her violet eyes once again showing through. She stared at him wide eyes and out of it.
"W....what....ha...."Her mouth wasnt working right and she could barely get a coherant sentence out.
"You're in shock...its ok, I'm here." He said calmly.
"I'"She chattered through clenched teeth. Sure enough her skin was like ice and paler than anything he had ever seen before, even her lips were
tinged blue. He gathered her up in his arms and held her as tight as he could without hurting her, her forehead buried in the crook of his neck. He rubbed her arms and back trying
to get her circulation running again in her icy limbs as Splinter returned with a cup of steaming liquid and a blanket. He threw it over the both of them and handed the cup to Leo.
"Have her take small sips and watch her breathing closely. I need to meditate on what happened here so please watch over her." He said and left the room.
Leo tiped the cup against her lips but she coughed at the thick hot bitter liquid entering her mouth.
"Not ready for that yet..."Leo sighed and simply held her quietly. After a few more mintues her breathing had returned to normal and she appeared as peaceful as if in
"" She whispered slowly.
"You were incredible." Leo said.
"What you said....about...Japan....really...hurt."
He stared down at her not knowing what to say.
"How I became....a you...want to hear it?" She breathed.
"Not if it will hurt you to say it."
Ignoring his warning she went on, her words becoming better with each sentence. "I was....with my was...night. We were just...walking Shinjuku..after
...Some guys followed us....two of them. I..didnt know them, they...were just some trouble makers....they were really drunk." She took a shakey breath. "One of them...talked to us..
.wanted to know if we were available... Of course I said no...we werent prositutes....but the guys wouldnt take no... One of them...grabbed my friend and tried to kiss I pushed him and started to fight with him then...I felt something hard hit the back of my head and I blacked out....then I was standing looking down at my body and blood
was coming out the back of my head. I could see myself dying in the middle of the street and...I looked up to see my friend...She was being raped while I was laying there dying..
and there wasnt anything I could do." She pressed her head harder into him, trying to shield herself from the memory. "Then something...someone was with me. It wasnt a man or a
woman, it was all white and very tall...and it had long flowing hair. It could see right into my soul...and knew everything about me from my birth to my...death...and it knew
my feeling and desires. It gave me a choice. It said if I would become its vehicle and followed its destiny then I could save my friend and day save many other people.
I agreed and it entered my body. It was like...having hot and cold in you all at once, it was so incredible and felt like all the pleasure in the world rolling over me. When I
came around I was in the hospital....and my friend was alive but in bad shape....but we were both alive..."
She tilted her head back so she could see his eyes. "The men who attacked us...had been killed." He knew what she meant, she had been the one to kill them and now he could
see all the pain in her coming to the surface in her violet eyes. "I know it was me who did it....and maybe the deserved it...but when they described the scene to me and the police
questioned me, the men had been ripped apart, dismembered and their blood strewn about the alleyway. I dont remember doing it...but I knew it was me who did it."
"You were protecting your friend." Leo reminded her gently.
She shook her head, tears springing from her eyes. "I tell myself that everyday of my life..."
He held her closer and rested his chin on her head. "I had no idea it was like that for you. I thought that maybe you held things from us on purpose but now I see I was
wrong, there are some things just to painful to remember or talk about. I'm sorry Celeste. I should have known better." He had never imagined this duality in her, that she could
on one hand fight the forces of the otherworlds such as the Kraang and lament about it on the other hand. She was a conflicted woman and it confused him in a way but also fascinated
him in another. With himself and his brothers, they had been born and raised to fight, so when he took a life for the first time he felt that justice had been served and hadnt lost
much sleep over the issue. She came from a different world with a different life, one that he had never known and would probably never understand.
"Can you try to drink now?" He asked raising the cup again. She nodded and took it in her own hand, sipping the concoction carefully.
She cringed at the taste as Leo laughed at her reaction. "That bad huh?"
"It tastes like dirty socks." She laughed lightly. "Dont tell Splinter I said that."
He took the cup from her and set it back on the floor. "Feeling better?"
"My mind feels numb."
"You are still in shock...just relax. Dont worry or think about anything for now."
She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, settling into him and letting her entire body relax. Despite him being a turtle his body was amazingly warm and she felt
good lying in his arms, it was almost as if she fit pefectly into the circle of his arms and chest, there she felt safe and at home. Home. That was a word she hadnt used or felt
in a long time and it took 4 brother turtles and a rodent father to make her feel that way.
       Michelangelo looked a aweful shady of brownish green when he entered Donnie's lab and the coughing and hacking that came out his throat made it clear to everyone
that he had come down with something.
Celeste looked up from the work table with her visor in hand. She had been tinkering with it all morning with Donnie's guidance as he worked on his own project
next to her. "Wow...are you okay?" She asked upon seeing his visage.
He coughed a few times before answering. "I think I came down with the flu or something."
Donnie got up from his stool and felt Mikey's forhead. "You ARE running a temperature...go sit on the table and I can have a closer look." Donnie pointed to the
medical gourney which Mikey sluggishly climbed up onto. Taking a stethascope and thermometer out of his desk he stuck the meter in Mikey's mouth and placed the scope over
his chest. "Okay give me a couple of deep breaths."
Mikey tried to muster the strength to do it but coughed every time he took a breath in. He looked down right miserable. Don checked the meter and shook it clean.
"Yeah you have a pretty high temperature. Better take some medicine and get to bed. I'll bring you what you need in your room." Don patted his brothers back.
"Thanks D. "Mikey said sadly and walked out.
"Is this cross communicable?" Celeste asked.
"Probably not, you should be safe."
"Do you want me to bring that to him?" She gestured to the bottle of medicine he just pulled out of his med bag.
"Sure why not." He handed it to her and she walked out to the kitchen. Grabbing a glass of water she walked upstairs to his room and knocked on the door. Some
sort of answer came but frankly she couldnt make out what it was on account that it was so muffled but she took it as a yes and entered.
Mikey was bundled up like a eskimo in his blankets with only his face peeking out of the hood he had created for himself and to say the least he did not look
well or happy. Celeste set the water down on his bedside lamp stand and popped open the pill bottle.
"You need to take 2 of these." She said and placed the two blue pills next to the glass.
"Thanks...."He kind of said.
"Do you want something to eat? Maybe some soup?"
" too tired to eat...."
"Wow thats news, you must really be in bad shape if you're not hungry." She joked and pressed her hand to his head. Sure enough he was on fire and had a slight
flush to his cheeks. "I'll come check on you in a few hours."

Celeste had decided to cook him up something easy to eat but with the limited ingredients in the fridge she would have to make an extra trip out. She really wanted
to make him some Miso Soup which was a staple of Japanese cooking and had always done her right when she wasnt feeling good. She could easily make it if she had the right
stuff so when she returned to the living room to see who was available. Raph was just walking out of the dojo from his morning training with a towel wrapped around his neck.
"Hey Raph." She called over to him. "Mikey is really sick so I need to go get ingredients to make him some soup. Are there any asian markets around here?"
He thought on it a moment. " Uh...yeah there is one about 15 minutes away but its a bit confusing to get there if you dont have a map."
"Will you come with me?"
"Wouldn't Leo be a better choice for a Asian market?"
She gave him the best "come on man" look she could muster. He sighed and caved in. "Okay...okay....just give me a minute." He returned to his room to freshen up and
came back down with the I2 system in hand.
"Lets go." he said.

Topside the air was just on the side of chilly and had a slight breeze to it, winter was on its way and cold season was approaching for humans as well. Poor Mikey
just had bad luck to be first to get it this season. She hugged her sides despite the thick sweater she wore as they praddled along down the steet. True to his word they
had to snake there way around a few buildings and alley ways to find the market which was small but packed with a variety of products from all over Asia. Raph seemed to be
fascinated but he gold buddha statues sitting at the front as she grabbed a few bottles of Soysauce, Mirin, Cooking Sake and some Tofu and dried seaweed. It suddenly occured
to her that she would probably be the one cooking dinner with Mikey down for the count.
"Raph is there anything you and your brothers wont eat? I remember you telling me you dont like veggies. How about the others?" She hollered across the shelf.
"Leo will eat anything and Donnie isnt too finicky either, just cook what you like." he called back.
"Hmmmmm...okay how about I cook up some Sukiyaki?"
"Suki---what?" He gave her a funny look
"Its like beef stew but sweet and salty. Think you might like it?"
"As long as it has beef." he shrugged.
She made sure to grab an extra pack of brisket just to feed his turtle sized appetite and grabbed the rest of what she needed. At the register she saw packs of small
brownish lumps covered in sugar and wrapped like cigars. She picked one up and sniffed it, immidiately recognizing the scent. "Is this Tamarind candy?" She asked the clerk who
was a elderly cambodian guy with a wrinkled face and caramel skin.
"Yes it is. You know it?"
"Wow, I havent had this in years...."She picked up a few rolls and added it to her basket. "Used to eat this stuff all the time in the Philippines."
"You are in luck! This one comes from Manila!" The man smiled. She paid for the items and with Raph in tow, headed back to the lair.
"What is that stuff?" He asked as she unrolled a few small lumps of candy and popped it in her mouth.
"Tamarind, Its a type of fruit that grows in hot countries...its really sour." She handed one to him. He played with it a moment, sniffed it and eye it before finally
popping it into his mouth. He chewed it a moment and gave a funny look.
"Really sour!" he said and winced at it as if he licked a lemon. "But not bad."

Back at the lair Celeste set out all the items they bought on the counter and did a mental inventory of what she needed to do to make the soup first. Raph suprisingly
stayed with her and watched her work. He wasnt a very adventurous eater but thought what she bought was strange enough to investigate. He picked up a bottle of light yellow
"Sake....this is alcohol?" He asked waiving the bottle suspiciously infront of her.
She smiled and snatched it from him. "Its for cooking only, you dont drink it....well your not supposed to..."She unscrewed the top and took a swing. "But I wont tell if
you dont."
He laughed and also took a gulp almost choking on how vaporous the stuff was before handing it back to her and tussling her hair as he walked out of the kitchen. She
continued to cook on her own.

Celeste was a good multitasker and had set the pot of sukiyaki to simmer while she prepared the miso soup. She poured a ladel full of soup into a coffee mug and was about
to walk out when she nearly bumped into Leo but she managed to not drop her cup and stay steady.
"What is that? It smells good!" Leo asked sniffing the air.
"Its miso soup for Mikey." She explained and let him look into the mug.
"Japanese Miso Soup? Really? I didnt know you could cook those things."
"Its a matter of getting the right ingredients so I dont do it often. There is some extra on the stove if you want." She called over her shoulder as she made her way
back up to Mikey's room. Back inside he was still asleep as she set the soup on his bedstand. Hopefully the smell would be enough to entice him to try it, if not she would try
something else later. His head poked out of his blankets and he eyes her sleepily.
"Celeste?" He said in a super sleepy voice.
"I brought you some soup if you get hungry, its a little salty so it should stimulate your appetite." She smiled and fluffed up his blankets and pillow for him.
"Can you....maybe...sing for me?" He asked out of the blue. She did a double take.
"I want you to sing...."
"Are you high off that medicine?" she laughed.
"We've never had a mother....and mothers sing for their children when they are please?" He asked with the biggest puppy dog eyes she had ever seen. She couldnt
say no to a face like that so taking a big breath she sat at the end of his bed and thought about a song.
"It's going to be horrible." She said flatly.
"Please...." He said again in his desperatley cute voice.
"What song do you like?"
She felt her heart in her throat, she loved singing to herself but was absolutely terrified of the thought of anyone seriously listening to her but for Mikey she was
willing to bite the bullet and thought hard of a song that wouldnt scar him for life. The first song that came to her mind seemed appropriate so she let the words fall from her
lips in a mezzo soprano tone. She was a decent singer and had been a choir girl in her childhood though that was long past she remembered a thing or two about staying in tone atleast.

Are you going to scarborough fair?
Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme.
Remember me to one who lives there
He was once a true love of mine.

Tell him to make me a cambric shirt
parsley sage rosemary and thyme
with no seams no needle work
then he'll be a true love of mine....

She sang loud enough for her voice to carry down the hallway and for those who had sensitive enough ears to hear could easily follow the words and tones. Donnie lifted
is head up from his work and turned to the direction of the voice. He smiled faintly as he recognized the song and commended her on her choice. Raph was in his room reading
as he listened to her from across the hall. He dropped the book down on his chest as he laid back on his bed and stared at the cieling. It wasnt necessarily a song he liked but
he liked how she sounded and closed his eyes to the tune. He let himself drift away with the melody. Leo had peeked into Mikey's room and watched through the crack of the door as
She bent over his little brother and sang to him the same way a mom would to a child and smiled at the thought. Though they had many other females in their lives at various points
in their adventures none came close to a big sister the way she did. She was a versatile woman who could fit in with each and everyone of them in her own way. Leo wished she would
share more of herself and her thoughts with them.

When she finished her song Mikey was watching her with glassy half open eyes and a tinge of pink on his cheeks.
"Okay so since I sang you have to drink the soup." She said crossing her arms over her chest sternly.
He nodded and reached for the mug, smelt it, then took a sip. Without further ado after that he drank the cup down easily.
"This is really good Celeste...thanks..."He smiled weakly.
"I have to finish dinner so I will bring you another cup after I'm done if you want more." She stood up and straightened out her jeans before heading back to the kitchen. Out
side the door Leo was hanging around the hallway not trying to disguise the fact that he had been listening in. She gave him a funny look.
"great...did you hear everything?" She asked.
He smiled innocently. "I think everyone did, your voice carries too well."
"Dont think that! You have a great voice but ...theres something I wanted to ask you. I know you're not the type to really talk about your feelings but are you okay? Is
there anything you need or want to say to us?"
She gave him a questioning look. "Im not sure I understand...."
"How do YOU feel Celeste? Are you happy here with us?"
"Extremely." Her answer was simple and concise and she started down the stairs but looked over her shoulder. "But to tell you truth Leo....even someone like me gets scared
from time to time."
"Of what?"
She hesitated to answer. "I suppose its because im uncertain of my future. There hasnt been really anything for me to rely on other than myself or my powers as a mage. People
tend to go rather than come when it comes to my relationships and well....just sometimes for no reason at all I get scared or I get lonely...."
"You always have us."
"I know...." She said quietly and walked down the stairs.

The sukiyaki was finished when she reached the kitchen and served it up in deep bowls with chopsticks set on top. Leo was already at the table waiting for her patiently as
she sset the steaming bowl of vegitables and beef down before him. His eyes flew open in excitement as he lifted the bowl to his face and took in a deep breath.
"Oh my god this smells amazing..."He nearly moaned as he lifted some of the beef slices with his chopsticks and took a bite. His face visibly relaxed as he savored
the sweat and salty flavor making a very audible "mmmmmmm" as he did so.
Raph came next and took his prepared bowl, eyeing the stuff inside carefully as if it were one of Donnie's science experiments gone wrong before relenting and taking
a small sip of the broth. He raised his brows and shrugged casually as he dug into his bowl and slurped up everything in a time span of 10 seconds. She assumed he liked it wih
the silence, if he didnt he would of said something snarky by now.
"Can one of you bring this to Don and the other to Splinter?" She asked.
"I'm sure splinter would be happier if you brought it to him." Leo said.
"Oh okay, I just didnt want to disturb him." She picked up the bowl and headed down the lair to Splinters hide out. There wasnt really a door per se but a woven bamboo mat
that covered the entrance from top to bottom. She stood outside of it and cleared her throat. "Master, is it alright for me to come in?"
"You may enter." He said from the other side.
She lifted the mat and entered a dark room filled with candles and some items on shelves along the back wall where he sat in the middle of a cushion pile made to look
a bit like an easy chair. Splinter was sitting in the middle of it with her book in his hand and the pages open.
"The legacy tome..."She said casually as she approached and set the bowl of food down before him on his small wood table where he had candles and a few other books and
"Yes, since you came I have been reading through it page by page. It is absolutely fascinating about your ancestors."
"Sorry I cant live up to their legends." She smiled sadly.
"I think you are far more than you think and have far more talents then you imagine." He smelled the fragrant air and his eyes lit up. "Could this be...sukiyaki?"
She nodded.
"I have not had this dish in so many taste it again is a dream come true!" He took his first bite and sipped a bit of the soup. "Ahhhh, my dear, it is perfect."
"Glad you think so." She turned to leave.
"Tomorrow, please meet me in the afternoon in the dojo." He commanded suddenly.
"Alright." She obeyed without question.
Ethereal Mage Versus Leonardo by CelestialShadow19
Ethereal Mage Versus Leonardo
Tmnt vs. my OC
Sketched in pencil.
May appear in a chapter of my tmnt fanfiction which you can check out in the fanfiction section of my gallery.
Possessed by CelestialShadow19
This is a part in my TMNT fanfic (you can read it in the fanfiction section of my gallery) where my OC has to fight a possessed Raphael. Needless to say it doesnt go so well for her. Sketched in pencil. I might water color this one later if I have time but I kind of enjoy it in pencil only as well....hmmm decisions.
Tmnt x Celeste First Meeting by CelestialShadow19
Tmnt x Celeste First Meeting
A one shot comic I drew for one of the chapters of my TMNT fanfiction, basically explains how my OC and them met. I did this all in black liner pen and sharpie marker.
You can read the fanfic in the FANFICTION section of my gallery.
New photos are up on my FB page for this AWESOME event!


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