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Hi everyone! I am so sorry it took me almost a month to get this chapter out! I had this ready to publish a long time ago but wanted to get through some backed up fanart first as well as a couple of cosplay projects I had due for this month. Of course more chapters are halfway written and in process so its just a matter of me checking them over and making sure everything adds up before I publish them! (Ive also got some more fluff coming your way) Hope you enjoy Karai's chapter!

Karai had been awake for some time but she had no idea where she had landed or where her men were. When she came back to reality after having been washed out by Ryujin's tsunami, she had awoken on a mountain side on the hard cement steps of the local shrine starring up at the Lion statue which guarded the pathway. It seemed to smile at her as she stared up at it, its mouth gaping open to threaten any who dare disturb the peace of the sanctuary.

She quickly stood up and took note of her situation and her surroundings, guessing by the trees the flanked the staircase leading up and the type of atmosphere that surrounded her, she guessed reasonably that she was somewhere in Sendai. The scent of ocean clung to the air as well and pine which was only found in the northern areas of Japan.

Atop the stone stairway which looked to be about 20 or so yards long was a derelict shrine, aged by time and forgotten by man, sitting lonely and victim to the volitile weather that plagued the region. Luckly today was a mild sunny day and the sun peeked through the tree tops as she climbed the stairs and stared at the quaint building. A small brown offering box sat underneath the toll bell and rope which had long since faded out its brilliant red color.

Maybe out of compassion for the shrine or just out of habit, she reached into her pocket and took out a 5 yen coin, tossing it into the box and ringing the bell which flecked off rust as she shook it. Clapping her hands together in prayer she closed her eyes and gave reverence to which ever god resided in the place.

The wind stirred around her and she felt the hair on the back of her neck rise as a presence that was dark and chaotic made itself known. Karai opened one eye but kept facing the shrine as she prepared herself mentally to defend her life if necessary. She slowly reached for the Wakizashi at the small of her back but a deep and masculine voice interrupted her.

"There is no need for that. You wouldnt stand a chance against one like me anyway."

Turning slowly she glared at the being who taunted her and hid her surprise with scowl at the strange being who inhabited the shrine courtyard. The man was tall and like living darkness. His long black hair was tied back in a tight ponytail as a red crown the same hue as blood sat on his head. Its jagged look and texture resembled thorns and looked like a weapon in its own right but what topped the entire thing off was the blood red and black samurai armor he sported and the black tattered cape that surrounded him. His eyes were dead and just as black as his cape. His thin cruel lips were curled back in a ironic smile.

"Amatsu Mikaboshi I presume." Karai said with a unfriendly and unimpressed tone.

He gave a slight bow.

"I have no dealings or reverence for you and yours, what brings you out to a place like this?" Karai asked.

"Weather or not you worship me directly is of no consequence, you serve me indirectly by your very actions."

"The foot serve no one!" She snapped.

"And who can serve a god of Chaos better then people like you who bring it into the world?" He laughed.

"Our goal was never chaos!"

"No its domination." He shrugged. "There is little difference to the people you hurt or manipulate."

"The ends justify the means." She snickered.

"You are very good at rationalizing yourself, its something you've been doing since birth."

"You've been watching me that long have you?"

"Long enough to know you murdered your fathers enemies, including ones who were close to you personally. Long enough to see you subjugate, torment, humiliate, belittle....shall I go on? But who can blame you. You were raised to be a warrior and a killer."

"What is your point?!" She hissed.

"I need someone like you on my side."

"Why would I join forces with the likes of you?"

"You gave yourself over willingly to Kitsune just for the chance to be on top of the world again, using the shredder as your stepping stone and using the turtles as a vehicle for your ambitions. If you come with me then you will get to do where your predecessor left off, a chance to make your clan the very image of fear and domination you have always wanted them to be. Imagine it, a world of never ending war and strife, a perfect play ground for you and your warriors."

"The world is already like that as it is." She gave a smart ass smile. "We dont need a God to provide the world with that, us humans are capable of creating havoc on our own."

"You had no problem with it so long as the Shredder came back from the grave."

"Thats right but Tatsuo is NOT the Shredder and you, him and that witch are just another bunch of obstacles in my way."

Mikaboshi gave a small shrug and slight smile at that, she was right after all, people never needed anyone to guide them in the most basal of instincts, which inherently was destruction. "I guess its no use playing diplomatics with you. Let me rephrase my offer, you are either with us or against us."

Karai drew her short sword from her back and let it flash in the beams of light coming through the trees. "Even if I have to face off against a whole legion of demigods I nor my clan will ever bow down to threats or cohersion. We are nobody's minions! Our goal is for ourselves and OUR master which never will be you!"

"So then you choose to become our enemy then?" Mikaboshi drew his own long sword in response, its blade almost singing a high pitched tune as it prepared for the oncoming bloodbath. "Either way is fine with me, so long as you dont get in my sister's way."

"Now now brother, dont be so hasty." A familiar female voice echoed as Kitsune stepped out of the forest, her long kimono dragging leafs as she walked over the courtyard to her brother's side where she hooked a long slender arm around his armored waist. "She was a good puppet while she lasted."

"Then I will give her a swift death, for your sake." Mikaboshi said mockingly. 

"I have a better idea, please do fight her but dont kill her. Weaken her just enough so that she is on the brink of death and when that is done, let me have her once again. The turtles are already on their way to the masters grave and they are expecting us. Why dont we give them a little surprise."

"You have a perverse sense of humor sister." He chuckled.

"As do you my brother." She said almost lovingly to him. 

"Well then little Ninja girl." He turned his attention back to Karai. "Lets see how long you last against a god of war."

Karai's eyelid twitched as she scowled at the both of them. "If I can hold my own against 4 mutant turtles and the other cretins of this world I think I will do fine against a thing like you. Dont you dare confuse me for one of the other weaklings you've laid waste to because Im nothing like them. As you said, I was born a warrior!" She charged at him with her sword raised high and proud.
Hold on and dont let go by CelestialShadow19
Hold on and dont let go
My OC and Leo from TMNT.

I dont want to write any spoilers here so if you are curious about why they are together and what their relationship is then please read my fanfic ;) you can find it in the coresponding gallery.

Colored with Copics
Karai by CelestialShadow19
My sketch art of Shredder`s badass daughter. All done with sharpie pens. I wanted to color it but when I finished it I thought she looked awesome in just black and white, fits her character!
Celestial Wrath by CelestialShadow19
Celestial Wrath
My OC in her Celestial Armor when is she pissed off. Who is her wrath directed at?  I will leave you guessing =P

Done with copics
Hi everyone, I've been silent this past week because i took a 6 day trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in the Kansai region of Japan with my friend Pip. We needed to get out of Tokyo for some fresh air and to enjoy the cherry blossoms while they were in season. While I was there I got a lot in inspiration for my fanfic and new ideas for future chapters based on some or the temples we saw.

I've also had to think about what costumes I want to make this year since Japans cosplay season is forthcoming. I want to keep with the tradition of final fantasy so my next immediate costume will be Dragoon from FF5, Lena Tycoon version. Im interested in doing more armor projects so this is a good start.

you can see my progress and any other info on my facebook page


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Hi All! I am an American Cosplayer who lives and works in Tokyo Japan as an English Teacher. I have been here for 4 years and love to travel around the country and try different cosplay events and studios. I have been a costumer for about 9 years now (started seriously in 2004) and make, sew and sometimes design my own stuff. In particular I love video game costumes and especially love Final Fantasy. My best costumes are from the FF series. I plan to continue my costume hobby well into the future! I also love to make other handmade items like dolls, hats and jewelry. Thanks for visiting and hope you like what you see =)

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