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    "Centuries ago I dreamed of what it would be like to hold these staffs in my hand." Tatsuo marveled as he toyed with the jade staffs of Xiao that Wu Ting once guarded. "To think that woman Wu Ting would go to her death to hide it and its secrets from me....."
    He paced back and forth from his throne room slowly as he turned the stick in his hand over and over again. Celeste stood silently to the side, entranced, her face never flinching and her eyes never blinking. Her mind in another realm but her body in the present and at his command.
    "And now I have its owner and the world here at my feet." He smiled as he ran a hand through her lavender hair and then turned to Kitsune. "Of course I have you to thank for all of this."
    She bowed her head slightly as she stood by the open terrace that looked down at the city below.
    "We must move forward with our plans and gather our forces. I need an army and a legion to follow me." He mused openly and held the staff out. The brilliant gem at the end changed color to a foreboding shade of red as he walked out onto the terrace and held it up to the sky. "The good citizens of this city would make good soldiers."
    He brought the staff down against the rail guard as a loud "ding" rang out causing a shock wave to travel down the building face and disperse on the streets below. The camera crew, the onlookers and anyone else who dared to get close suddenly covered their ears as if the noise perturbed them and doubled over in pain. When they slowly stood straight again their eyes were glowing red and their faces oddly blank as they stared up at the tower to gaze upon their new master. Tatsuo had charmed them and now they were his loyal puppets to command.
    "Lets give this fare city a demonstration of my power. Find the turtles and drag them out into the light of day. Expose them then execute them!" He commanded as his soldiers turned slowly on their heels and like zombies walked out into the city.

    Out of the window of light that Renet had created a lumbering grey figure stomped out followed by two cloaked figures with hoods. Everyone recognized Slash from the get go but his two companions were a mystery.
    "Well boys did you miss me?" He smiled as he entered the room. The old couple on the center couch gasped and scooted back against the far side of the Sofa as the remaining guards raised their guns.
    "He's one of us." Leo said and raised his hand to the guards. They murmured in hesitation but did as they were told.
    "Who are the other two?" Mikey asked as he bro fisted the big grey giant.
    One of them gave an audible sigh. "You'd think my white paws and tail would be a dead give away..." and she threw back her cloak hood to reveal the white furred face of an arctic fox with mesmorizing blue markings around her eyes. Alopex smiled at them slightly as she swished her tail about her. 
    "You!" Raph gasped. Actually he had been the first one to discover Alopex back in their early days as ninja's though at the time she was allied with the Shredder but then later defected against him when Kitsune came into the picture. She was a sly young fox mutant who had more cunning and more attitude than all 4 turtles put together. She would be a excellent and much needed ally.
    "No one knows Kitsune's tricks more than me." She said proudly as she put a paw to her hip. "Plus I cant let someone like you hog all the fun."
    "Where have you been hiding out this whole time?" Raph crossed his arms over his chest, matching his attitude to hers.
    "Here and there." She laughed cryptically.
    The other hooded figure spoke up. "My dear friends, it has been a long time. I hope that the years have no soiled our good relationship." 
    Leo recognized the voice instantly. "Yojimbo."
    "That I am." Said the creature as he took off his cloak and revealed the hakuma clad humanoid rabbit with white fur and long ears to match. His blue yukata was a nice accompaniment to his black hakuma pants and katana that sat at his side as if he were a traditional Samurai. But he considered himself a Yojimbo and thus he adopted that as his name, a wondering warrior for hire but a noble and trustworthy soul. He had at one time, landed himself in New York and relied on the turtles to share their world and knowledge with him which he in turn brought back to Japan. However due to his own mutation, he kept out of the publics eye and last they heard he had been living up in a mountain shrine in one of the more desolate areas of Japan and kept his habitat there. Despite his attempts at keeping low, the name and title of Usagi Yojimbo did have a certain persuasion in the land of the rising sun. He had a reputation here. So much so that the Emperor and Empress gasped at the name.
    He turned his white face to them and bowed. "I apologize for the intrusion."
    "You....You're the Yojimbo? The legendary swordsman?" The Emperors face was priceless. Even he knew the story and name of Usagi but never imagined it was literally a Samurai Rabbit.
    "At your service my lord." He answered calmly.
    "These are your allies?" The Emperor asked Leo.
    "I guess they are." He smiled apologetically.
    "We all saw what happened on TV." Slash shrugged.
    "We know that Tatsuo has returned so our blades are yours. We are at your disposal." Usagi said.
    "Dont forget about me too!" Renet said cheerfully. "I may not be a warrior but I can still beat the crog out of someone!"
    "Alright so that makes us a party of 8." Donnie observed. 
    "The more the merrier!" Mikey smiled.
    "The odds are still against us though." Donnie pointed out.
    "We have to take our chances and hope for the best." Leo said.

    The sergeant, who had long ago left to the room to attend to more pressing matters, returned with his walkie talkie in hand and a strange look on his face. "Sorry for the interruption but Sire...there is a group of strange foreigners outside asking for them." He pointed to the turtles who all raised their collective brows. What others surprises would this night bring for them?
    "Let them in." He commanded and the sergeat pushed the door open as a group of 7 ladies entered. They were all of different races and stature and surely not all from the same countries as their ethnic clothing did not match at all. The eldest was a tall thin lady in a black pants suit with sunglasses on her thin wrinkled face. Despite her obvious age, she still had class and gave off a interesting air that could only be summed up as hair raising. Her salt and pepper hair was tied back in a clean bun and in her hands she held a long thin walking stick for the blind. Donatello knew who it was right away.
    "Valentina?" He asked as he walked towards her and stopped in front of her. She looked up despite her vision impairment and gave a haughty smirk that betrayed her age.
    "Im glad we get to finally meet in person Donnie." She grinned.
    "Celeste's mentor?" Leo asked.
    "Indeed." She turned her head towards him. "My sisters and I have been monitoring the situation and felt it time to intervene, that and the young timestress there told us what happened to Celeste. We are here to get our sister back and you will need all the backup you can get it looks like."
    "I cant ask you to fight for us." Leo protested. Having an old lady at the front line wouldnt suit his old fashion thinking but he also knew Valencia had a lot more to her than met the eye even for a 60 something year old.
    "Dont worry, I dont plan to charge in ahead of everyone. However these young ladies here are more than qualified to do that in my stead." She jutted her jaw at the 6 ladies flanking her. Each of them was totally different from the other. While Valentina was obviously of Italian descent due to her thick accent and tall thin build, the one standing closest to her was a shorter lady in her 30's with long blonde hair and unearthly green cat eyes that stared out behind long half bangs that slightly hid her face. When she smirked at the turtles, noticing their eyes on her, two small white fangs poked out of her top teeth line. Her cowboy type outfit with tight high waisted jeans and frilly cowboy boots marked her as a tried and true American.
    "This one here is Sage and her partner Alder from the Blue Star clan." Valencia pointed out as they stepped forward. Paired up with the blonde woman was a dark skinned beauty of the same height with long black hair and dressed in traditional Navajo clothing. Her arms and neck were adorned with various natural stones and bangles. It contrasted her stunning dark complexion and black eyes. They both bowed and said together as if in one voice. "Our fangs and claws will punish your enemies."
    Their strange words brought back a memory to Raphael of when he and Celeste had shared a night together in the same bed. "Werewolves."
    The two girls gave mischievous smiles and nodded. "We will show Tatsuo and his kind no mercy."
    Two other girls stepped forward to introduce themselves. They were both very tall and slim with African American features and clothing that resembled island clothing from the Caribbean. They had colorful long skirts with many patterns and layer while their tops were loose and shoulder less. One of them had dread lock hair and a variety of feathers and nicknacks hanging from her waist belt. While the other had short hair cut close to her scalp and like her counterpart she too had a variety of items hanging from her waist. Some of the items included small animals skills, feathers, what looked to be a glass bottle of liquid and a long staff like stick with various beads wrapped around it.
    "We are Catleya and Jacaranda, witchdoctors from dee Carribbean islands of Jamaica and Haiti. We know dat black magic has been abused here and we plan to sniff out dee ones responsible. Der is no forgiveness for dose who call upon the dark world for assistance. We are pleased to help you." They both bowed their heads and stepped back.
    The last two to present themselves were obviously of Clan Umbrea and belonged to Valentina because they could have easily been triplets. They all had the same professional black suit on and bunned up hair however to differentiate themselves they each wore a Venician mask of different colors. Black and white Perspectively.
    "I am Elizabeta and this Caroline. We are the daughters of the madam and witches of Umbrea. We will bring the Lady Mage back no matter what." One of them stated and the other nodded.
    The turtles stared at the motley crew they had attained and then looked at each other and nodded. "Who am I to argue with help offered when its needed. Alright everyone, lets move out and storm that damn fortress and get out Mage back." Leo smirked. The boys smiled in agreement.

    Karai, though she was badly wounded and in no small amount of pain, stood on the other side of the door leading to the living area. Having listened into the conversation through her morphine induced stupor she had an idea of her own to add to the group but cared not to share it openly as was often the case. Walking back to her hospice she pulled out her cellphone and dialed a number as she pressed it to her ear.
    Lau Ting Xiao answered the phone. "A call from you was the last thing I would have ever expected in the world but seeing as all hell has literally broken loose tonight I can accept it."
    "I figured a business man like you would be up to speed on the latest current events." She said flatly, hating the fact that she was stooping low enough to call that guy for help.
    "How can I miss it? Its plastered all over the national news. My regards to the boys for their bang up job." He said sarcastically.
    "Then you also know what happened to Celeste."
    "Yes and I also know what happened to you." He said simply and non chalantly.
    There was a long pause.
    He sighed. "If its help you want you only need ask."
    "I would never ask for help from you." Karai said sharply. "But on behalf of the Mage I will. Can you do something for her? A man with your "Hobbies" should have a few ideas in mind right?"
    "Perhaps...but I want something in return."
    "What?" She growled.
    "A union between the Foot and the Purple Dragons."
    "Never. We wont and never will deal with common thugs."
    "And you have the gall to ask me for favors?" He asked in a highly amused voice.
    "I will never surrender control to you."
    "A partnership then." He suggested. "You know our influences are not what they used to be, its why you embarked on this journey and got involved in the first place. You wanted to consolidate the foots power and Im giving you the avenue to do so. Your idea of reviving the Shredder failed miserably so what other options do you have?"
    "And then we what? Knock off 7/11s together? Rob Wallmarts? We are not petty thieves!" She argued back.
    "Oh please Karai, you know if I were in total control of the Dragons I wouldnt do something so...simple. Its winning situation for us both, I get control back of my Dragons on the USA side and you get your name and reputation."
    There was a long pause and she cursed under her breath. "If you will aide the Turtles and help the Mage then I will consider it but nothing more than that."
    "That is good enough for me. I will pester you about it later." He laughed and hung up.



    Celeste watched the events unfolding in Japan as they happened via a small tv like window that Renet had opened in space with her staff and words couldnt convey how utterly disgusted and shocked she was to see herself beheading someone let alone the prime minister of a country. She had no idea how her body was being controlled but could only guess that Kitsune had something to do with it. To see yourself committing a heinous crime you otherwise would not be capable of in the absence of your soul was rape in the highest degree and Celeste vowed to herself that when and if she returned she would deal with the witch personally and mercy wouldnt be an option.
    The screen disappeared and Renet turned to the furious mage. "Um....maybe I shouldnt have shown you that."
    Celeste shook her head and grabbed the shoulders of the young girl. "I need to go back now....but...if I was killed by Tatsuo so easily the first time then my outlook isnt so good for a second shot. Im going to need your help Timestress."
    Renets eyes squinted in suspicion. "Your not going to ask me to go back in time and do anything crazy are you?"
    "God no, Im well aquainted with paradoxes enough to know better than the cause one but he has the two staffs of Xiao and an entire legion at his disposal so the Turtles are going to need help. Its also obvious he plans to use my body as a shield assuming that the turtles wont hurt me, I only hope they know better...."
    "What did you have in mind?"
    "I need you to to contact a few "sisters" of mine." Celeste said with a smirk.

    The servants of the manor brought out some tea and snacks as the Turtles and the Royal Family plotted their next move. Without proper equipment and no way to contact any of their allies they were in a deadful cunundrum and poor Donnie was wracking his mind on a way to make it all work out.
    They already were outgunned with Tatsuo having his own fiefdom surplanted right over the old palace and with Celeste at his disposal whom they all knew for a fact was more or less cannon fodder for whatever he was plotting. Worst case scenerio was that he was going to execute her before too long in a attempt to weaken him so how one earth could they charge the castle without him knowing?
    They were in desperate need of wisdom no small miracle.
    The Empress pushed the small round teacups towards them. "You can not think on a empty stomach."
    Leo sat on his knees before her as she passed the cup to him with such grace and manner that only a woman of inane class could muster and he obliged by holding it in both his hands and savoring the warmth of it before taking a small sip. Raph and Mikey followed suit as Donnie paced in back of the room, his mind too riled up and too far gone into analytical mode to do much of anything else. Everyone knew to give him his space when he got like that. The rest of the military crew broke up minutes ago and were busy dealing with the details of tonights events plus they had to secure the compound in case any other monsters decided to pay them a visit.
    "Tell me more about Teng Shen." Leo asked.
    "What is she to you if you dont mind me asking?"
    "She was the former wife of our father."
    "Your mother then?"
    He shook his head sadly. "No...unfortunatly she died before any of us we never had a chance to know her."
    The Empress thought about it for a moment, recalling any memories she had. "Well..Shen was quiet but very kind and very perceptive. She knew things about people without having to ask any questions. Its like she could see it all in their minds....all their secrets....good and bad. Her gift was reading people and unfortunatly that meant she could also learn classified things from the royal family, things that could hurt the country. We all knew she had this power but she was a good woman so we didnt tell anyone. We let her stay with us and care for our children but....there was a man who had his eye on her." She said darkly.
    "Oroko Saki." Leo said knowingly.
    "Yes. We tried to keep her close to us so we could protect her and our secrets but it seems like she had eyes for another young fellow and one night she just vanished. We never knew what became of her or where she went after that." Her old eyes filled with sadness.
    "Our father's name is Hamato Yoshi, is that name familiar with you?" Leo asked.
    She shook her head.
    "He took her to America and married her. Their time together was short but he very much loved her." Leo didnt have the heart to tell her that she met her end at the hands of Saki who had followed her to America and established his version of the Foot there then nodded solemly. It all made sense now why the Shredder would pursue her so relentlessly. He never had been in love with her, it had always been about power, the power of her knowledge of the Royal Family and he wanted it badly enough to kill anyone who got in his way. Bad enough to betray his friends, destroy innocent lives and murder the very woman he was chasing. If he couldnt have her no one could and simply because it was a power he thought only himself worthy of owning. The long standing rivalry between the Foot and the Mages started with Tatsu and Xiao and carried on for another two generations until finally Celeste had been involved. Destiny, as Celeste once put it, was a peculiar thing.
    "I see...."Her sad eyes fell to the floor.

    Silence overcame the room as they all sat pensively sipping their tea and then a few moments later a bright light at the other end of the room bursted making them cover their eyes and prepare for battle when a familiar person seemed to walk right through it casually.
    Renet cleared her throat and gave a small smile and wave as she met the surprised faces of her old comrades but it was Mikey who jumped up from the floor and nearly glomped the oddly dressed lady as he gave her the biggest twirl hug he could muster.
    "RENETTTT!!!!!!!!!!!" He cried out in joy as she hugged him back and laughed.
    "Long time no see guys!" 
    "Holy Shell the time master is back." Raph smirked and gave her a pat on the back as Mikey put her back onto her feet.
    "Wow look at you guys! You're all grown up now!" She marveled at their size and height because the last time she had been with them they were 5 years younger and a good two feet shorter making her tower of them at the time.
    "Why did you stay away so long?" Mikey asked with puppy dog eyes.
    "Well you know...time apprenticing and what not plus the master kind of still hasnt forgiven me yet for that other time...." She said embarrassingly and rubbed the back of her neck.
    "You're still "grounded" from that incident 5 years ago?" Donnie laughed. In their history together they had joined forced to stop another time master from causing un needed damage to the time stream and unfortunately for Renet, who had been to immature at the time, caused a unfortunate landslide of events that landed her in eternal "groundation" under her master. Essentially she had messed things up in the time line big time and no small effort was made to adjust them accordingly.
    "I didnt realize it had been 5 years already! I thought it had only been a few days!" She explained.
    "So what brings you back here now?" Leo asked with a small smile.
    She clapped her hands together. "Ah! That's right! Okay so Celeste made me go time hopping and...."
    Leo grabbed her shoulders and held her firmly. "Celeste?! She's alright?!"
    "Ah now dont interrupt me or I'll forget what im going to say!" Renet scolded and Leo let her go quickly.
    "Sorry but she IS okay right?"
    " its kind of hard to say....I was sent to find her by this weird talking black bird with red eyes and when I did she was in corporeal form...uh what I mean is you see her body is with that dude Tatsuo but her soul is in the Ether Realm. I tried to return her to it but it seems like that foxy lady has some sort of hex on her!" 
    "Kitsune." He hissed under his breath.
    "Yeah so as long as she or he has both the scepters she cant break it on her own so shes stuck in the Ether for the time being." Renet explained.
    "Cant you just pop back in time and make it so she never ended up like that in the first place?" Mikey asked hopefully.
    "Mikey, considering what happened the last time we went time jumping you know we cant do that without altering everything." Donnie said flatly.
    "Right, paradoxes and messing around the time stream are off limits!" Renet crossed her hands in front of her chest in a big X.
    "So we either need to knock of Kitsune or get the staff back from her again. I vouch for knocking off the wicked witch." Raph said punching his hand into his palm. He had a long standing grudge against the women for the last time she toyed with his heart and mind and would have no qualms about denting that pretty face of her in.
    "But this brings us back to the root problem. We cant breach that castle or even get to her without going through Him and Mikaboshi and god knows who else." Leo pointed out.
    Renet put on her best smile and her eyes shimmered with playfulness. "That's why I brought you some help!" She tapped her staff on the floor as another window of light opened up.
Tmnt x oc
warning for violence and language
I do not own tmnt or any related characters, only the oc

The sergeant`s walkie talkie gargled some unintelligible words as he picked it up from his waist belt and replied into it. The words that followed were in Japanese so unfortunatly the turtles couldnt understand it however the tone was urgent and the sergeants eyes shot to the tv where he picked up the remote again and turned it back on.

What was playing out on the news was nothing short of a utter act of war and treason. Tatsuo had prisoners.

The tv reporter frantically spoke into her microphone as she pointed up the the castle and the cameras followed. Standing some hundred meters above the rest of the world, a man appeared dressed in his feudal armor and face mask as his assitants, who were none other than Kitsune and Mikaboshi whom the turtles dealt with earlier appeared at his side. In front of each of them were two hostages, tied by the hands and kneeling without blindfolds as they looked down at the crowd with obvious terror in their eyes.

The Emperor and his wife gasped as they recognized the two victims. It was the prime minister and the treasurer whom of course they were closely tied to as cabinet members. How and when the deadly trio had gotten their hands on them was anyone`s guess but from the looks of it, they werent going to walk away alive.

The man in the warlord mask spoke up with a voice that thundered easily over the panic of the crowd below. "Citizens of Tokyo! My name is Tatsuo Takeshi, lord of the Foot Clan and your new master! Your government is no more, your cowardly Emperor in hiding and now your top politicians at my mercy! Centuries have passed since my clan came into existence and now we will claim what is ours. All of Japan now belongs to us and you will follow our rule...or perish! I now claim all of you and your land as my own so let this serve as a warning to all of you peasants who wish to try to rebel against your master!"

He slowly drew the blade at his hip and made sure everyone below and on camera saw his dramatic actions. Then, with a precise and unfailing swipe, the treasurers head was severed clean off its shoulders as it fell to the screaming crowd below and Mikaboshi kicked the remaining headless body after it. The camera shook violently and then refocused on the man above as he stepped aside.

Mikey yelped at the sight of all the blood and covered his eyes like a child as the rest of the guys tried hard to keep their cool and not vomit at the blatant execution. All of their blood was boiling at the bold proclamation of war as they stared at the screen but what happened next made all of their hearts ache.

Behind Tatsuo, a familiar figure and face appeared, dressed in her beautiful white and gold armor and her lavender hair flowing with the wind as she stepped into the camera's view and starred down with violet yet somehow dead eyes. Celeste was at his side and by the looks of it aiding her sworn enemy.

Tatsuo turned his back to the camera and mouthed unaudible words to her as she took out her jade sword and positioned herself next to the prime minister. She was obviously going to be his executioner.

"This cant be!" Raphael gasped.

"Dont do it girl!" Mikey cried out at the tv screen but it was to no avail, her sword raised and as swiftly as Tatsuo, she beheaded the prime minister in the hands of Kitsune as she aptly disposed of his body they way her brother did and they all disappeared into the darkness of the castle.

Everyone in the room gasped and cried out at the horrible situation and the Empress buried her face in her hands and cried as her husband tried to comfort her.

Donnie was pacing back and forth while chanting in a low voice, "Oh my god...oh my god..."

Leo was silent but had his fists clenched so hard at his side that blood was flowing from his palm into the nice white carpet as he shook ever so slightly and tried to contain the rage inside of him. He was happy to know that the Lady Mage was alive but for her to be so blatantly under the mind control of that man was more than he could take. He was on the verge of charging back over to the castle and taking down Tatsuo himself if Raphael hasnt noticed how on edge his was already.

His breath came out in short rasps as he turned on his heal and started towards the door. The armed guards blocked his way but flinched when they saw the look he shot at them and Raphael caught him from behind in a big brotherly hug and held him tight against him so he couldnt escape.

"Leo! Dont loose it! She's alive! We know she's alive now!" He pleaded as he felt every muscle in his older brother`s body tense up and ready to fight. Everyone had always believed Raph to be the hot head and indeed he was prone to tempremental outbursts but seeing his brother so distressed brought forth a new strength in him he never cared to explore, patience. This had always been Leo`s hallmark but Raph understood more than anyone else the torment going through his brothers mind and he needed to be the pillar of strength at this moment and time or else everyone and everything was going to hell in a hand basket quickly.

"Its obvious Tatsuo has her under some sort of...brainwashing." Donnie added.

"I'll never forgive that man....never!" Leo hissed under his breath in a tone so full of rage and unlike his own.

"Neither will we! Dont worry Leo we're going to get her back and we're going to make him pay!" Mikey said resolutely.

"Who was that woman? The one with the gold armor?" The Emperor asked.

"Her name is Celeste and she is the 9th mage." Leo responded in a cold voice over his shoulder.

"But....why would she...?"

"She wouldnt!" Leo snapped at the old mans question. "She isnt the enemy. Tatsuo has her mind me she would never side with him willingly."

"This puts us at a serious disadvantage if he has access to all her powers." Donnie surmised darkly.

"We need to come up with a plan of attack." Leo said sternly, his old self coming through the cloud of rage.

"Who said you 4 would be doing anything?" The sergeant chastised.

"Why did you bother bringing us here then if you just planned to contain us?" Leo shot back, clearly having no patience for the arrogant man.

"Our military powers are lacking and not prepared to deal with a threat like this." The Emperor admitted without hesitation. "Yes we have a counter force but since the last world war we have never been a aggressive military power and I wont risk our citizens lives. So I ask you for Ninja Turtles, is it possible for you to defeat that man?"

They all turned silently to the old man. "Honestly....we dont know, but we sure as hell are going to try." Leo stated.

"Then let us all help each other. What ever you need and whatever we can provide we will do so without hesitation. I want a swift end to this conflict."

Leo looked at the tv again, the same chaos being broadcasted to all the world and then back to the old man. "We need an army."
I do not own tmnt nor any characters associated with it
warning for violence and mature language

"What is this? Where am I?" Celeste thought to herself as she opened her eyes or at least she thought she did but were her eyes ever closed to begin with? At what point did she loose or regain her conciousness? Her mind was strangely blank and surreal as if being caught between reality and dream. 

All around her was a swirling mass of memories and thoughts both audible and silent, both seen and unseen wrapping around her body and caressing her like gentle coils. There were multitudes of colors, some vivid and some in shades she had never seen before as every thought and sound made them react.

She raised her hands to her face and saw that her skin was glowing with white soft light and slightly transparent like she was just a spectre or ghost and she knew instantly she had somehow ended up in the Ethereal Plane, the dimension between life and death where all energy coursed throughout the entire universe. If someone was gifted enough, they could travel the dimension of light and sounds and instantly be in one end of the universe and a second later be in another. Time and distance had no meaning here. It was a world of pure thought and energy, where the physical body had no form and no substance and anything could be achieved by thought and will. In a sense, it was like heaven and in another sense it could be like hell for those who had done wrong in their lifetimes as your own experiences played out again and again in the form of images swirling around you.

Celeste watched various memories of her own life flashing before her, some happy and sad, some funny, some sombre as everything in her soul was revealed to her. Her life has been rather normal up until becoming a Mage. Her own trials and tribulations no different than any other human being but the one thing that remained in her was guilt and a overwhelming sense of failure that had plagued her for years. Though she never really voiced it or told anyone, it was there and her Turtle friends were smart enough to pick up on it as their relationship progressed.

Ah yes, the Turtles. Those 4 unimaginable creatures who had taken over her life and given her purpose and whom she shared to ultimate bond with, gladly binding herself to them as their protector and sister, mother and lover all at the same time. What had become of them and what were they doing now?

Suddenly the memories changed and her mind flooded with images of Leonardo, the eldest of the 4 with whom she was intimately tied with and her mind suddenly snapped out of its stupor and fascination and reality hit her hard. If her mind was in the Ether, it meant she had died! She couldnt remember how or why but somehow Tatsuo had overcome her and now her mind was floating in the Ethereal Plane stuck in Limbo.

"But wait....if im aware of this then somehow my body might have survived...." She thought. "The Ether should have consumed me totally if I were really dead and my soul sent to its final resting place....but then how do I get out of here?"

She looked around her but as far as she could see there was nothing but lights and more memories floating in the sea of energy. There was no entrance and no exit but surely it must exist if she ended up there in the first place. 

As she floated about in nothing and everything her mind almost seemed to summon aid or else she just had the greatest of luck because in the distance she heard a distinctly female voice humming happily to herself and coming closer and closer.

The memories parted like curtains as a a oddly dressed woman in blue chunky armor and a outstandingly comical head dress with clock hands sticking out of it like a crown appeared before her. She seemed about as lost as Celeste was with a small piece of paper in hand and looking back and forth as if searching for someone. When her green eyes met Celeste's she jumped in surprise, her headdress almost falling off as she grabbed it and steadied it on herself again.

"Jimney Crickets there's a naked girl in her!" She exclaimed in awe, her youthful face a lite with curiosity.

Celeste squinted her eyes and raised a brow. "Um....who are you?"

"Renet Tilley Ma'am, Timestress of the 72nd Layer." She bowed slightly, her headdress once again almost falling off and she clumsily fixed it. She looked like a cosplayer gone wrong.

Celeste had heard of the time streamers before. She had never met one though as they were a rather exclusive bunch, much like her and the other Mage's, they served very different purposed in the universe. Time streamers were meant to keep the course of history running smoothly and  their magic allowed them all access to time and space, a magic that Celeste never developed nor tried to. As an Elementalist she already had her hands full and didnt need to be mucking around with history lest she ruin it completely.

"Now I dont know why you would be hanging around the Ethereal Layer butt naked but I'm trying to find someone." Renet went on and held up the small piece of paper which turned out to be a photo of a young girl with brown doll cut hair and blue eyes. She couldnt have been more then 10 years old in the photo and funny enough, it was Celeste when she was a kid and still human.

"Where the heck did you get that photo?!" Celeste gasped and pointed at it.

"Well I just popped back in time to the 1980's and took it from the family album, nice folks the parents were! They also had some really cute cats hanging around..." Renet recalled absent mindidly as she put a finger to her lip. Celeste had to laugh, She had left 3 very hefty and fluffy cats back in the USA that her mom was overly fond of. So Indeed, this timestress had visited her house.

Renet continued as she paced around impatiently. "So anyway I need to find this kid and save her because apparently some nutwack called Tatsuo displaced her in one of the 72 layers and I have to bring her back or else history is going to go all wackadoodle! seen her around?"

"That's me." Celeste said simply.

The girl looked at the photo then at Celeste, then again repeated this a few more times before Celeste cut in. "When I was 10!"

Renet jumped again in surprise when she finally made the connection and threw the photo in the air as she grabbed Celeste"s hands and joyfully shook them. "Oh WOW! You are the 9th Mage!? Holy Shell its so good to meet you! I've heard all about you and even knew some of your ancestors...well not really ancestors but the girls who came before you and I've got to say i'm your biggest fan!There isn't a timestress in all the universe that doesn't know of you and your kind! You're kind of like celebrities!" She said too quickly and enthusiastically.

"Wait...wait a minute....did you say "holy shell?"

"Sure did!"

"You know the turtles?!" 

"Yup! Me and Mikey go way back!" She announced proudly.

Celeste said under her breath. "Mikey you never told me about her..." and then out loud. "I need to get back to my body before they get into any more trouble!"

"Yeah. Tatsuo was resurrected and now is running a rampage through Tokyo." Renet nodded, her face still too cheerful for the situation. "But dont worry! I will take you back!.....but....theres something you should see first." She said suddenly getting serious and she held out her hand as a very ornate staff appeared in it. "Got to warn you...its not pretty."
Proud to be Ms Marvel 2 by CelestialShadow19
Proud to be Ms Marvel 2
I got a bit too into it when I was at World Cosplay Summit. I figured if Im going to be a American cosplaying a American Comic Hero I better go all the way so I brought my flag with me =)
This is my second time being Ms Marvel for WCS, the first time was in 2012 so it was nice to break it out again and be a strong ass kicking female character!

Cosplayer: Me
Venue: Oasis 21 Nagoya Japan
Photographer: Ayako Sasaki
Character: Ms Marvel (Marvel Comics)
The year is rolling on and on and so many things end up happening all at once in the summertime due to my own cosplay schedule so here is the run down for this summer season!

1) I realize that I have been working on my fanfic for almost...what? 8 months now? Seriously?! That is the most time i have dedicated to ANY project in my life! Its such a blast to write and think of new ideas and directions to take this in but alas, it cant go on for ever so Im on the final arch of my TMNT x OC story. One shots and X readers will continue though until the day I either run out of ideas or die...which ever one comes first =P Many thanks to all my turtle followers for the words of encouragement, smiles and ideas!

2) World Cosplay Summit is coming at the end of this month (july) again! I keep thinking it was only a few months ago that I did the last one which proves that I have no concept of time or time management =P
In keeping with the cosplay tradition of awesomeness I am going to be Sailor StarMaker (because I luvs me some sailor moon) and Ms Marvel again (did this already in 2010 but want to do it again for posterity) IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS GOING TO THIS EVENT PLEASE CONTACT ME AS I WOULD LOVE TO MEET UP WITH  YOU!!!!!! I can even take you our for beer and Tebasaki  with my cosplay partner Ayako-Chan!

2b) Also WONDERFESTIVAL is coming up July 26th so if anyone is going to be in the Tokyo Area that weekend I HIGHLY recommend this if you are into collecting action figures and other hard to find anime related goodies. Feel free to contact me for more info! I will be there in cosplay but still undecided as to what costume this time....maybe final fantasy....not sure yet.

3) TOKYO GAME SHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Which is one of the coolest most awesome-est event evah is coming up September. Pretty sure I will be going as Tina Branford from FF6.

As for summer weather, Tokyo sucks big time for heat. Seriously this is one of the hottest dang countries I have ever been in. More hot that the Philippines and more humid than a freaking jungle. Why and how it acts like this I have no idea but im dying here and so is my skin. Humidity never did me and my Seattle born blood any good. The only good thing that comes out of it is Ice Cream and Watermelon which is cheap and abundant. God save my weak butt this is going to be a tough season....


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Rebecca Koga
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hi All! I am an American Cosplayer who lives and works in Tokyo Japan as an English Teacher. I have been here for 4 years and love to travel around the country and try different cosplay events and studios. I have been a costumer for about 9 years now (started seriously in 2004) and make, sew and sometimes design my own stuff. In particular I love video game costumes and especially love Final Fantasy. My best costumes are from the FF series. I plan to continue my costume hobby well into the future! I also love to make other handmade items like dolls, hats and jewelry. Thanks for visiting and hope you like what you see =)

You can find me on these other sites:

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