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Rage of Bahamut 4 by CelestialShadow19
Rage of Bahamut 4
Cosplayer: me
venue: tokyo booty studio
character: royal queen vampire (empress of the night)
series: Rage of Bahamut

This character is from a on line rpg card game called Rage Of Bahamut. She appears in few different cards with variations to her costume but this one is the Legendary Card version. I hand made most parts except the boots which were altered from a pair of thigh high fashion boots. This costume was debuted on NicoNico Cospllections WCS segment!
Rage of Bahamut 3 by CelestialShadow19
Rage of Bahamut 3
Cosplayer: me
venue: tokyo booty studio
character: royal queen vampire (empress of the night)
series: Rage of Bahamut

This character is from a on line rpg card game called Rage Of Bahamut. She appears in few different cards with variations to her costume but this one is the Legendary Card version. I hand made most parts except the boots which were altered from a pair of thigh high fashion boots. This costume was debuted on NicoNico Cospllections WCS segment!
Rage of Bahamut 2 by CelestialShadow19
Rage of Bahamut 2
Venue: Tokyo Booty Studio
Character: Royal Queen Vampire (empress of the night)
Series: Rage of Bahamut

This character is from a on line rpg card game called Rage Of Bahamut. She appears in few different cards with variations to her costume but this one is the Legendary Card version. I hand made most parts except the boots which were altered from a pair of thigh high fashion boots. This costume was debuted on NicoNico Cospllections WCS segment!
Rage of Bahamut by CelestialShadow19
Rage of Bahamut
This character is from a on line rpg card game called Rage Of Bahamut. She appears in few different cards with variations to her costume but this one is the Legendary Card version. I hand made most parts except the boots which were altered from a pair of thigh high fashion boots. This costume was debuted on NicoNico Cospllections WCS segment!
Tmnt x Oc
I do not own tmnt, only the oc
Note: Hey readers, hope you are still hanging with me on this fanfic! As you know the last few chapters have focused only on the turtles leaving my oc to take a back seat, the reason being I really wanted to focus on their personalities and personal struggles a bit more closely. I hope you have enjoyed how its been going. Honestly its been a big challenge writing how the gods and them would interract with each other. I seem to write fluff easily but more serious issues are hard for my to express *scratches head* anyway Donnie's chapter follows so please enjoy! I will also be writing a god vs. character chapter for Splinter and Karai too! Thanks again for all your wonderful comments and support!

Donatello was in the middle of a abandoned street in the middle of downtown Tokyo. Cheerful posters of anime girls and colorful characters decorated the shop windows and building walls which were strangely devoid of any people. Even the street, which was a 6 lane major highway, was without any cars as he walked down the middle of it like a character from a post apocalyptic movie. There was not even a stirring of the wind or a sound to be made. He was strangely alone and it bothered him to no end.

He had been walking down the street for a few minutes and within that time already came to a hypothesis for his current situation. One, he was certain he was in Akihabara the electronics district of downtown Tokyo and two, he was experiencing some sort of alternate reality most likely initiated by mental telepathy. In other words, he knew someone was messing with his mind big time and they did it in just the right way too. Despite his hiding away in his lab for hours on end he really hated silence and the prospect of being totally and utterly alone.

His heart fluttered a bit in his chest and he cautiously made his way down the avenue with his bo staff in hand. He had given up on using his gadgets from the get go since it would do him no good during a hallucination and he reckoned the one responsible was close by so he relied on good old fashion common sense to get him through this ordeal.

Noise drifted in to his ears. The upbeat noise of a video game operating in one of the nearby arcades got louder and louder as he turned the corner into a brightly lit store front filled with UFO catchers and a variety of other game machines. Standing near the front was what appeared to be a big man drumming away happily at Taiko Drum Master, a rthym game which required the player to match drum beats with symbols flying across the screen. Donnie wasnt into video games himself but Mikey was and had raved on and on about it until they finally got the home version one year for Christmas.

The big man was tall and stalky, like he could have been a pro wrestler and he wore simple jeans, black leather boots and a riding jacket to match making him seem more like a misplaced Hell's Angel. He drummed away at the machine like a pro, easily racking up perfect scores and bopping along to the ridiculously happy upbeat Jpop song that blazed out of the side speakers. He seemed totally unaware of Donnie standing behind him wondering what the big guy was doing in a place like that.

As the song ended, the man cheered for himself as he put the sticks down in their placeholder and took a deep breath. "Man...ive been wanting to do that for some time but still not as good as the real thing." He turned and smiled at the turtle behind him.

Donnie gasped as he saw the mans face. It was strong and chiseled with thick eyebrows and shaggy brown hair but what really caught his eye was the horn protruding from the mans forehead as if he were a unicorn. The guy made absolutely no pretense about the fact he wasn't human which was no surprise to him when another non human entity happened upon his hobby time.

"Mankind certainly has come along way with these strange machines but now I see why they love them so much! These things are addictive!" he laughed....well more like bellowed in a deep bear like voice.

Donnie wasn't quite sure how to react or what to say so he stared at the man with a bit of disbelief mixed with suspicion for a moment.

"Now don't get all bug eyed on me because you see a guy with a horn. I think your smart enough to figure out who I am." The man smirked.

Don adjusted his glasses. " the looks of it, the horn not withstanding and by your drumming skill I would have to say you are Raijin, the thunder god."


"And other than playing games, what are you doing here?"

"Waiting for you of course."

"Why me?"

"Because I need a partner for the next game I want to play." Raijin said darkly.

"And that is..?"

He beckoned Donnie out of the store and back into the street where he pointed to a nearby tv tower. Donnie nearly cried out in terror as he saw April and Celeste tied to it like hogs tied to a roasting spit. The were both upright on either side of the metal beams facing away from each other and they both had their eyes closed as if they were sleeping.

"What is this!?" Donnie asked furiously as he gripped his bo in front of him.

"A game, as I said before." Raijin smiled and clapped his hands together in the prayer position. His clothes changed in a flash of lightning. He wore simple baggy black pants reminiscent of a monks as the muscles of his torso were left exposed and rippled. Several bangles and beads hung on his wrists and neck. His bronze skin gleamed with a unearthly glow as several white cylinder objects floated in a circle behind him, suspended by a thick round metallic frame. In both his hands he had  metal objects which Donnie knew to be a Vajras, a type of weapon and prayer talisman often seen with statues of him in the temples. Donnie felt sweat trickle down his brow at the prospects of having anything to do with such a powerful entity but he had no choice but to go along with it.

"The rules are simple. I will play my drums and call down my power on them both but its up to you to decide who suffers and who goes free and don't go thinking you can save them both because I am going to charge them so full of energy they wont last more than a few minutes. Think of it as like being in a electric chair. The choice is yours turtle so choose wisely."

"Why on earth would a god do this?! What have they done to you!?" Don shouted trying to reason with the being.

"We make lives and we take them, its the name of the game. Humans come and go, are born and die all the time. I don't see you weeping over every last one of them. But I know these two girls are important to you, one more so than the other so will you make the choice or let them both die so you can have a clean conscious?"

"You don't have any right to do this?!"

"And you don't have any right to complain. You who hide yourself away in a lab all day....." Raijin laughed and raised his hands.

"This is all fake! Its a hallucination! Celeste is with Leo and April is back in New York!" Donnie argued trying to shake the terror he felt as he watched the two girls hanging lifelessly in the air.

Raijin hit one of his drums with his vajra and a loud roaring crack thundered out, shattering the windows of the nearby store and nearly knocking Donnie of his feet as a bolt of lightning shot down from the heaven and hit the tower the two girls were tied to. Both of them screamed out in pain as it traveled down to their bodies.

"Is that real enough for you?"

"Stop it!!!!!" Don pleaded.

"You're wasting time." Raijin hit another drum and again lightning struck the girls. Donnie was hysterical as he whirled around and started racing towards the tower as fast as his legs could carry him, hoping to beat the drums before they could rain down doom once again. Maybe he couldn't save both of them but he sure as heck was going to try anyway.

When he reached the tv tower, which was about 30 feet high and 10 feet wide at its base, he grabbed hold of the metal ribbing that constructed it and began climbing up until he was in between the two girls. He looked at April as her red hair fell in soft curls over her face and he reached out to her. Her eyes opened slightly and she breathed his name in a shaky breath. He gasped and tried to wrangle her arms free of their bindings but he had no knife or any other device that could cut through the thick ropes at her wrists and ankles.

Another thunder clap tore the air asunder as it struck them again, this time hitting Donnie as well as thousands of volts of electricity ripped through his body almost causing him to fall to the ground but he hung on to the metal rail with one hand and re-steadied himself.

"Donnie....."April groaned. "Save me!"

"Just hold on!!!" H' cried out as he tried to untie her bindings.

"I knew you wouldn't let me down...."She said breathlessly.

"Of course I wouldn't!" Donnie assured her as he got one of her arms free.

"You've always been there for me....even when I didn't need you."

"Because we have always been friends." Don smiled as he worked the other rope.

"Because you love me still." She smiled and used her free hand to touch his face. He paused and stared into her green eyes.

".....Yes...I still love you." He admitted sadly and then he suddenly froze, his eyes wide but scrutinizing as he stared at the red headed lady.

"Hurry Donnie! I don't want to die!" She pleaded and tugged at her ropes but Donnie didn't move. Somewhere in his mind he was battling himself and what he had just admitted to.

"April....Do you love me in return?" He asked with sad eyes.

She nodded quickly and desperately. "Of course I do! Ive always loved you!"

Donnie smiled sadly and shook his head. He let her go and climbed his way towards Celeste who hadnt made a move or a sound the entire time.  April pleaded and begged him for help as he ignored her and untied his friend whom he hoisted over he shoulder and jumped down to the ground with. The tower lit up again with thunder once more and her pleas turned into a blood curdling scream as she expired.

Donnie clenched his eyes shut and refused to look back as her wailing ended and he knew, if that had ever been the real April, which he sincerely doubted, she was dead as a doornail. He rolled Celeste onto her back and checked on her as Raijin's laughter rang out down the road.

"Well this is a shocking turnaround! I thought you would have chosen the red head seeing as you had been fancy-ing her for years."

Donnie snapped his head up and glared at the god, his face dark with anger. "Fancying her for years? You've got the wrong idea."


"I may brood and dwell in the past a bit but that doesnt mean I dont know whats important in my life now." Don said in a voice that was far too dark and brooding to be his own and yet it was. "I still think about April from time to time but I dont ever wish to be in Casey's place or him to be in mine either."

He put Celeste down gently and stood up, his once calm and friendly face twisted by some melevolent feeling he kept hidden beneath his smart guy exterior. "I know im not the strongest of my brothers or the fastest or even that great of a fighter....but that doesnt mean im powerless....."

Raijin paused and watched the change come over the purple masked terrapin. What was this creature up to? Then the thought suddenly occurred to him that he had severely underestimated Donatello and in a bad way.

"There are only three things I cant stand in this world. One would be a ignoramous like yourself who underestimate me and then two would be idiots stupid enough to mess with my family!" Donnie smirked.

The god heard a small ticking noise around him and he turned his head this way and that to see where the sound was coming from but when he found none he felt a sudden chill down his spine as he spotted a small flashing device sticking to one of his drums. He gasped as it exploded in a flash of white light, blinding him and sending him off balance as Donnie's bow staff came flying forward and met his jaw. While he was busy hammering away at his mythical drum set, the clever turtle had managed to stick a device on him somehow.

He was driven back by the force of the blow as Donnie drove his feet like a pro wrestler into the stomach of the burly man causing him to double forward, spit flying out of his mouth as he gasped for air and one last blow was delivered to the top of his skull so loud it rang out in echo as he fell face first into the pavement.

Donnie went the extra measure of planting his foot on top of the mans head and keeping him pinned to the ground. "And the last thing is creatures who think they have a monopoly on life that they can take innocent people hostage!!!! Do not mess with me!!! I have had a very bad week and at this point i'm sick of being the nice guy!!!!!" Donnie screamed in a high pitched yet very angry voice.

Raijin began to laugh through the pavement, his chuckles muffled by the dirt which he was eating and the foot that forced his lips to kiss the earth. Donnie ground his foot in a bit more. "Just what the hell is so funny?!"

Raijin turned his head slightly to the side so he could make a coherant word. "You are! I always though you were such a dweeb but you always had a lot of heart to, I knew you would make it this far and do this well."

"Wait you mean you know me?" Donnie asked confused.

"Since you were a hatchling!" Raijin stated.

"And my brothers?"

"They have their own guardian spirits who have been watching over their development as well. We knew you would all end up here someday."


"She told us. The Yatagarasu."

Donnie raised a brow in confusion. The Yatagarasu was a legendary crow with 3 legs which was said to be a watchful spirit,  in particular it was Japans guardian spirit and direct contact to Ametarasu Omikami, the divine goddess. How it had known about them all the way in New York was a puzzle since its influence was limited to the sphere of Asia.

"How did it know about us?"

"Would you mind getting your foot of my head first before I answer that?"

"Depends on if you are going to try any other dumb stunts."

"You have my word that I wont. This whole thing was a test and none of it is real, not even the two girls."

Donnie gasped and looked over his shoulder, sure enough the tower was gone and so was Celeste whom he thought he left on the road a few feet ahead of them. The rest of the city still remained and as he looked around him people, like movie images fading in reappeared around him going about their daily activities as if nothing were wrong or out of place. None of them stopped to look at the two creatures in the middle of the road. They couldn't see the them at all.

"What the....?" Donnie asked himself as he watched the people go by.

"You're a smart guy so you should know, creating a temporal distortion is no big deal for a god." Rajin laughed as he stood up and dusted himself off. "Now to answer your question, Yatagarasu knows about you because of the Herald."

"What is the Herald?" 

"We dont know who it is specifically but there are many throughout the world who report to the Yatagarasu, they're kind of like middle men or spies. One of the heralds asked us to watch over and test you should you ever come to Japan and you pass by my standards. I know you Donatello, you say your not fast or strong but i've seen what you can do when you get angry or put your mind to it and I know you spend your time behind a computer and in a lab because that is where you function best as a member of your team. So im going to give you a gift now that can help you against your enemies." Raijin held out his Vajras to Donnie who hesitated for a moment and then took them both into his own hands.

"I dont know how to use these..." Donnie admitted.

"You dont need to. A vajra was never meant to be a weapon, only a tool for mediation and channeling. I'm sure your brilliant mind will come up with some use for them." Raijin smirked. 

"I have to give you a warning though about Kitsune but im sure you've already figured this out, she has other spirits on her side, not just Tatsuo. Our fallen brother Mikaboshi is also trying to aid her as well." Raijin said seriously.

"Mikaboshi....the god of chaos." Donnie stated knowingly.

"His duty is to bring war to the world, so Tatsuo is a good way to get that done, be careful of him. I have a feeling he is going to try something or make himself known very soon since the 4 of us guardian deities have already made ours. Tell your brothers to be on their guard too." Raijin turned to go but looked over his shoulder. "Before I leave I need to know one thing, how and when did you stick that bomb on me?"

Donnie smirked. "Back when we were at the arcade, the fact that a big guy like you was playing drums in the middle of a dimensional warp spelt bad news from the get go. I threw it on you as a precaution."

Raijin let out a big hardy laugh and shook his head as he walked away and disappeared.

Reality began to bend and warp as the residual effects of his spell were wearing off. Donnie looked around him and knew he had to find some place to hide before people figured out there was giant talking turtle in their midst. The small computer shop with open bins at the next corner caught his eye and as he peeked at the wears inside he smiled and had a sudden idea. 
Hi everyone, I've been silent this past week because i took a 6 day trip to Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe in the Kansai region of Japan with my friend Pip. We needed to get out of Tokyo for some fresh air and to enjoy the cherry blossoms while they were in season. While I was there I got a lot in inspiration for my fanfic and new ideas for future chapters based on some or the temples we saw.

I've also had to think about what costumes I want to make this year since Japans cosplay season is forthcoming. I want to keep with the tradition of final fantasy so my next immediate costume will be Dragoon from FF5, Lena Tycoon version. Im interested in doing more armor projects so this is a good start.

you can see my progress and any other info on my facebook page


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Rebecca Koga
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
Hi All! I am an American Cosplayer who lives and works in Tokyo Japan as an English Teacher. I have been here for 4 years and love to travel around the country and try different cosplay events and studios. I have been a costumer for about 9 years now (started seriously in 2004) and make, sew and sometimes design my own stuff. In particular I love video game costumes and especially love Final Fantasy. My best costumes are from the FF series. I plan to continue my costume hobby well into the future! I also love to make other handmade items like dolls, hats and jewelry. Thanks for visiting and hope you like what you see =)

You can find me on these other sites:



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