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"Looks like the dragons are clearing out, lets go check it." Raph said starting up his bike again. Celeste had just gotten off the phone with Leo and he and the others would be promptly on their way. 

Raph drove his bike around the bay until they were a safe but accessible distance from the pier and they both jumped off to investigate. Using the shipping containers as their cover they snuck their way around the yard until the reached the one that had just been dropped. It had nothing really suspicious about it though the marking on outside was obviously from overseas and Chinese by the look of it.

"I don't think we should touch anything until the boys arrive." Celeste reminded.

"You shouldn't be touching it at all." Came a familiar and guttural voice. They both whirled around to see Slash standing not too far from them. Though he had no weapon in his hands he was menacing figure to behold none the less and when he jumped down to their level from the container he was perched on Celeste and Raph both prepared for a fight. But apparently, that was not on Slash's agenda for the night.

"Relax...I aint here to fight." He said.

"You!" Celeste gasped. 

"Nice to see you again lady and in better shape than last time." He smirked.

"what are you doing here?" Raph growled.

"Moody as always Raph....lighten up though, I wont make trouble so long as she's around." He jutted a big finger at Celeste. "Ive been investigating these containers coming in and out of the ports recently...whats inside though...." He said cryptically.

"Whats in there?" Celeste dared to ask.

He shook his head. "You dont want to know."

With that, Raph grabbed the lever holding the door shut and lifted it up, swinging back the big metal door. A familiar and nasty scent filled the night air that made all their hairs, what little turtles had if any, stand on end. The container was lined with cold dead bodies. A refrigerator car.

"My god!" She gasped and covered her nose with her sleeve. Raph stood motionless looking down at the 30 or so bodies stack inside, their cold white paces staring up at nothing through empty eyes.

"Containers with bodies have been coming and going...usually about one every month. they are filled with all sorts of characters....street junkies, prostitutes....criminals...people no one would miss." Slash explained.

"Where are they headed to?" Raph asked.

The big grey turtle shrugged. "No idea."

"Why would you care?" 

"Because some people I knew were taken."

This was news to Raph who had assumed Slash was either dead or stuck in dimension x following their last exploit 5 years ago. Apparently he had been in new york the entire time and had his own crowd that he moved with.

"Is this why you helped us back then?" Celeste asked referring to his involvement with Kitsune.

"Maybe....or maybe just because I was bored." He said stiffly. "....but I have a feeling this is in over my head so maybe its something this lady can figure out."

" can call me that or Lady Celeste...never just Lady." She corrected him sternly.

He smirked at her despite that fact she was scolding him. "Quite a firecracker you got there Raph."

"Why the hell would anyone need dead bodies....?" Raph asked himself and turned around to see that Slash was gone and his brothers were running towards them. 

"Are you both okay." Leo asked.

"Yeah but take a look at this." Raph said stepping back and letting the other three take over the scene.

Celeste slunked against the container behind her and held her sides with her arms. Nothing creeped her out more than dead bodies and at that moment, checking them out was the last thing she intended to do. 

As they surveyed the inside Donatello broke out one his many crazy inventions and began examining the bodies only to come to a odd conclusion. 

"They have no blood."

"Maybe they were drained at the morgue." Leo suggested.

"it would be logical to assume that except...there is no incision anywhere on the bodies...In fact...there is no trauma whatsoever. These people weren't murdered but they seem to young to have died over natural causes." Don scratched his chin.

"Maybe a vampire got em." Mikey said half seriously.

"Don't vampires leave teeth marks?" Raph asked.

"I once saw a movie where they didnt! They could do it by magic or something." 

"Dont be ridiculous! Vampires are the least likely culprits here...."Don said.

"What about the symbol on the side?" Celeste asked.

Don walked over and gave it a good look. "Hmmmmm well it says Crimson in Chinese characters...." Then whipping out his ipad he took a quick photo. "Ill analyze it and see if it brings up anything........well...the symbol is common in China as a design element and....oh look it says that the symbol is also used by one of the foremost casino billionaires in Macau....who just happens to be Chinese."

"All signs these days point to china." Celeste said prophetically. 

"But we cant just drop everything and high tale it to Shanghai." Mikey sighed. 

"No we cant." leo sighed in defeat. "And we cant just ignore this either...lets wrap this up, take what we can and head back."

"You are not seriously going to bring a body back are you?" She asked as Donnie picked up a body and slung it over his shoulder.

"we need to get whatever info we can." He said apologetically.

"Oh dear goooooood." She squeaked and tried to block the thought of waking up to a dead person in the lair the next morning.
Tmnt x oc
warning for violence
i do not own tmnt
tmnt x oc
I do not own tmnt, only the oc
warning for some mild language and mature situations

"Do you prefer Silver Surfer or Xmen?" Mikey asked placing a large stack of comics down between him and Celeste. They were having a day in and sat cross legged in front of the tv, both with blankets wrapped around them as they rummaged through is extensive comic collection.

"I like both but....I think I will take Xmen." She said taking a issue of his large pile and opening it in her lap. "Wow I havent read comics in years let alone Xmen."

"What about Manga?" He asked.

"Oh yeah, I read that all the time when I was there in Japan but not since I left." She said. "My favorite Xmen was always Storm, which is ironic considering I became a elemental based mage later in life. I remember one time for Halloween, god maybe I was about 10 years old, I made my own Storm costume cape from a bed sheet."

Mikey laughed at her. "You were such a dork."

"I'm not ashamed of it." She smirked. "Oh come on, didn't you ever run around as a kid with a towel or blanket wrapped around you pretending to be super man?"


"Knowing you, you still do that now..." She added.

"Guilty!" He gave a cute smile. "But I always wanted to be Batman when I was a kid."

"Every little boy dreams of being Batman." She laughed.

"Well yeah, look at him, he's rich...good looking...gets lots of chicks....drives badass cars...." He said.

"Meh, I've had my share of that." Celeste gave a off hand gesture. "Give me sewers and turtles any day."

"Amen to that sista." They high fived each other and then some rabble came from the other side of the lair. Of all things, Donnie and Raph were fighting.

"I told you to take it easy! Now I have to replace those damn stitches again! Do you know how much of a pain in the rear it is for me do this over and over again!" Don shouted and Raph walked roughly out of the needle room after his checkup with Don trailing behind him like and angry wife.

"What? Im supposed to just sit around with my thumb up my butt while I wait for this to heal? It ripped, so what, tape it up and get on with it." Raph rolled his eyes and walked around the sofa. Celeste and Mikey didnt move from their spot as they watched the argument but kept their eyes glued to their comics.

"Oh sure its all well and good if your not the one having to patch up everyone left and right!" Don growled. 

"D, your the house kind of comes with the territory..." Raph shrugged.

"Oh for gods sake!" Don threw the med kit at him and threw his hands up. "Fix it yourself!" and stormed off.

Raph seated himself on the sofa and tossed the medkit onto the newly repaired coffee table, not really caring to use it at that moment and time.

"I've never seen Donnie angry before..." She whispered over her comic to her orange masked companion.

"Doesn't happen often but go figure its Raph who knows how to push everyones buttons." Mikey whispered back.

"Ahem...I heard that." Raph growled and reclined in the sofa the way he always did.

"Do you need help with that?" Celeste offered, pointing to the med kit.

"Nah, I can take care of it." He said.

"Are you going to let yourself bleed all over the couch before then?" She asked sarcastically.

"Is that a problem?" He asked with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

Celeste sighed and rolled her eyes. Great, he was in one of his moods again. Setting down the comic, she got up and grabbed the kit from the table and made her way around the back of the sofa behind the big grumpy turtle. She popped open the box and pulled out a roll of guaze and some ointment then squeezed out a big glop of it onto her fingers before taking a look at her comrades shoulder. Sure enough half the wound was split back open and though it didnt bleed, it still looked slightly raw. 

" many times has this happened?" She asked scrutinizing the wound.

"Dont worry about it!" He said.

"Oh my god...have you been lifting weights?! With a shoulder like this?!" 

"Like I said...dont...worry!" He said very slow and with a low growl in his voice.

"Like hell im not!" She slapped the back of his head and rubbed the ointment into his wound. He flinched but tried to hide the fact that it probably hurt. Seeing his reaction though she lightened up and gently dabbed the ointment in and around the opening.

He relaxed alittle as she out a gauze down on it and inravled the medi cloth roll and wrapped it around his shoulder and under his arm so that the wound was protected. She had to semi hug him from behind to bring the cloth around his back again and tied it off. 

"Im not your mother so im not going to tell you to not do stupid stuff." She began. 

He turned his head to the side so he could see her and his expression lightened up. "And yet you are, in your own way, telling me not to do stupid stuff."

"Don't be a smart ass...."she sighed and crossed her arms over her chest.

"You like it." He stated. She gave a small smile at that, actually she kind of did in a wierd way.

Leo walked into the fray suddenly. "What Happened just now? Donnie is furious and just locked himself in his lab.

Raph kept silent as Celeste pointed a finger down at him behind his back. Leos expression turned from curiousity to exhasperation.

"You tore your stitches again didnt you?" He asked with a non impressed voice.

"I rip stitches all the time, this shouldne be a surprise to all you geniuses!" Raph rolled his eyes.

"Raph we arent kids anymore, we need to use some common sense and responsibility. Splinter isnt going to hold our hands anymore so try to grow up alittle." Leo scolded.

"" Raph said under his breath.

Leo rolled his eyes and shook his head but then turned his attention to the lady in the room. "Celeste are you busy today?"

"Not really....did you have something in mind?" She asked.

"I thought we could discuss some tactic ideas with you magic. I know you're still injured so we wont do any sparring but we can at least talk it over." He said hopefully.

"Sure sounds..." She was about to agree to it when a big dark green mass suddenly got up off the sofa and interrupted her.

"Is that seriously your idea of a date?" Raph asked his older brother. "Come on....Celeste is a classy gal, she needs to be wined and dined not kept copped up in here with all you boring cads." With that he reached over the sofa and plucked her up by the waist as if she weighed nothing and slunger her over his shoulder in a firemans carry.

She squealed and struggled against him and he walked towards the front exit. "Wait!? Where the heck are we going?!"

"I'm taking you on a real date." Raph said and grabbed her caplet off the coat rack along with his trench coat and slung it over his other shoulder.

"You are not going anywhere." Leo said in a commanding voice. Raph stopped and looked over his shoulder. Leo was furious.

"You're both injured and you are staying here. No if ands or buts."

"Are you going to make us?" Raph asked in a low threatening voice.

"Don't try to drag her in to this!" Leo said sharply. "What happens if you two get spotted or she gets hurt? Think about someone other than yourself for once!"

"Get spotted or get hurt...not going to happen because she is with ME!" He said proudly and walked with her out of the lair

Leo watched them go with something akin to a snarl on his lips. It seemed his brother was hell bent on upstaging him and that was something he could never live with, Celeste or not. Leo hated loosing.

"You dont have the I2 system." Celeste reminded him as he dropped her down on the backseat of his motorbike.

"Yeah I do. Swiped it off of Don while I was in the lab.You up for some live music?" Raph asked while taking the helm and kick starting his bike.

"Are we going to sneak into a concert?"

"Something like that." He said and revved up the engine as they took off into the night.

Celeste found herself seated in the middle of a covered beer garden set up not to far from central park where many other people had gathered for the night to enjoy a variety of beers from all over the world and sample some German foods. It was already mid October and Oktoberfest was in full swing. Surrounded by lively people and a local band playing baverian versions of pop songs on the stage, her and her turtle friend enjoyed a stein of beer and chatted as the night went on.

"Oh my god...the simple pleasures in life." She moaned as she chewed off the end of one german brautworst, making sure to slather it in mustard before hand.

"I know you like drinking so I thought this would be a perfect place for you." Raph laughed and chugged down his glass.

"I'm limiting you to one beer since you have to take us home." She reminded.

"This coming from the girl who passed out the last time." He teased as the rather large chested beer maid came over and refilled their mugs. Celeste watched as Raph's eyes hovered over the girls breasts for a moment before he realized he had been caught in the act. She almost spat her beer out laughing.

"You are just so dang cute sometimes!" She laughed.

" was an accident!" He blushed.

"No need to be shy about it! if I were a man I would be looking too." She admitted. "And at least I know now what your "Type" is."

"And what would you know about my type?" He challenged.

"Well it certainly wouldnt be a flatsy patsy like me." She smirked and raised one brow.

"Hey now, dont talk like that! Sure you may not have it going on up there but that doesnt mean...." 

"Dude, is that supposed to make me feel better?" She squinted at him.

"Wh...what I mean to say is...."

"Relax, im not fishing for compliments." She chuckled and finished off her second stein.

The music changed from pop covers to more classical style waltzes that dropped the mood to more a relaxing one. She leaned her chin in her hand and hummed along with the tunes with her eyes closed, enjoying the chill atmosphere. Not that she really knew any of them but waltzes were simple enough to memorize almost instantly.

When she opened her eyes again, Raph was staring intently at the dance floor next to their table where some couples had started to dance. It was a simple, slow and cheerful waltz number that anyone easily could have improvised to. Some of the couples obviously knew how to do a proper waltz and others simply swayed back and forth, happy to be in the arms of their loved ones. His eyes held a bit of sadness and longing in them as they reflected the people twirling about. Raphael was a bit of a romantic at heart though he would die trying to hide it...unless he was around the right person at the right time. Celeste knew that sort of look when she saw it, at times those types of meanderings entered her heart as well.

Raph caught her looking out of the corner of his eye, cleared his throat and went back to the beer before him. 

"Do you want to try?" She asked and nudged her head towards the crowd.

"I cant dance." He said simply.

"you don't need to know how, just sway to the music." She pushed her self up from the table and held her hand out to him. "I feel like dancing, so lets dance!"

"Trust me, I'm not the dancing type. You don't want my 400 pounds stomping down on your toes." He said sternly.

she put a finger to her chin. "Well if thats the case it means i have to ask someone else to dance with me. A total stranger who may not have the same morality as you....who might take the chance to do unscrupulous things to me while holding me tight in his arms...and you know I'm a 31 year old woman in her sexual prime who could use a good squeeze sooooooooooo......" She let it trail off teasingly.

Sighing but with a slight smile he put the beer glass down, stood up and roughly pulled her out onto the floor where he firmly took her tiny waist in his strong arm and held her other hand properly in his as if they were ballroom dancing.

"Don't get ticked off if I smash your toes." He grunted and began swaying back and forth to the tempo. Surprisingly enough, he actually had some rhythm and though obviously not perfect, could at least move in time with the song. After a few moments of getting adjusted to the music he even twirled her around softly and did a small dip.

"Where did you learn to do that?" Celeste laughed as the song ended.

"From tv....honestly your the first person I ever danced with." He said sheepishly.

"You were fantastic!" She cheered. "Can we please do one more song?"

"Anything for the iron maiden." He joked.

One more song actually became more like 5 or 6 and before they knew if both their feet were hurting and it was about time to wrap up the evening. They had already spent about 3 hours dining and chatting so it was time to go. Celeste sat on the back of his Harley as he pushed it along the avenue flanking the port. The night was quiet and the street lamps gave off the same hazy glow they always did, but from their vantage point they could see all of new york lit up across the waters and reflecting on the glassy surface of the bay. 

Suddenly he stopped the bike, pulled over to the side nearest the water and turned off the engine.

"Whats up?" Celeste asked.

"Nothing at all...remember that place?" Raph pointed to a pier across the water that held the burnt remains of a familiar building. 

"The warehouse where we first met." She smirked.

"It wasn't that long ago." He pointed out.

She hadn't really though of that. Though time flew with her and the turtles in a way she felt as though she had known them for a long time. They all got along so well it was as if she had been part of the family to begin with. But when he pointed it out it suddenly out it all into perspective. She really hadn't been with them that long and come to think of it, she still didn't know much about them personally. It never bothered her though and she still trusted them with her life.

"Yeah its only been about 2 months." She agreed and there was a long silence between them. He turned around in his seat to face her suddenly.

"Hey...I know we haven't always gotten along....and I know I've been a big jerk to you most of the time....but I just want you to know that....." He took a big swallow and suddenly looked very nervous. "Wh..what I'm trying to say is...."he rubbed the back of his neck. " If you ever need anything, or anyone to talk to you know I've got your back right?" 

She smiled softly. "I know that. Thanks Raphael." and bent over to kiss him on the cheek. "And thanks for tonight too."

When she pulled away he had a strange look on his face. His eyes were glassy and half open and his lips slightly apart as he stared at her...deeply. She knew that look, it was the look a man gave before he was going to do something naughty. She felt her heart suddenly thud in her chest as his hand come up to caress her cheek then fingers laced the back of her head and she felt her face being pulled towards his. She didnt fight it, against her better judgement, and closed her eyes ready to accept his lips against hers and then suddenly there was a loud clang in the background.

They both jumped and spun their heads around to see what the ruckus was. Across the bay at the shipping dock some 500 meters away the large crane that lowered metal crated onto the ships had set one down from the recently docked vessel onto the cement of the pier. normally this wouldn't have been any spectacle except that half the men gathered around the delivery were purple dragon thugs.

" that...?" Celeste gasped.

"Purple dragons...what are those hooligans up to?" Raph growled as he stood up from his bike. She grabbed his arm to keep him from doing anything rash.

"We need to call the others." She said firmly. Though he hated to agree with her on that, he couldnt afford for either of them to get into any fights so he nodded his silent agreement.
warning for mature content and language.

"Okay lets check on your stitches." Donnie said and he pulled out his medi kit and lowered his glasses over his chocolate brown eyes.

Celeste was once again in the needle room getting her checkup done. It was one week after their major attack and her major injury and so far the healing was coming along nicely though not fast enough for her liking. She lifted her black tee over her head exposing her lacy black bra and set it aside as she turned around and sat indian style on the gurney so he could have a better view of her back.

He prodded the wound and pinched the skin slightly to see how the skin had closed up. " looking pretty good, I think we can actually take the stitches out now and replace it with medical tape."

"What ever you say Doctor. " She smiled with her head turned to the side to talk to him. He pulled out some tweezers and began gently tugging at the cord that held her skin together. It didnt hurt per se but still felt uncomfortable and she held her breath every time he pulled a piece out.

"Just hold on for a minute...this should go quickly." He put his free hand on her shoulder to steady her and he jerked the remaining threads out.

"Done." He smiled as she turned around to sit properly on the table and rolled her shoulders to stave off the weird feeling.

"How does it feel?" He asked.

"Really...weird. Like i've been punched there." She said.

"Your deeper muscle tissue was damaged so its going to feel like a bad bruise for a few more weeks. I would still avoid anything strenuous until the end of next week. So no dancing I'm afraid." He said while he put his kit away.

She fell back onto the gurney with her arms out wide and gave a big disappointed sigh. "Donnie I've been cooped up in here the past week and im starting to get cabin fever!"

"Well......what do you enjoy that doesnt take too much muscle movement? Shopping? Going for walks? Reading?" 

"All of those things but I want to go outside for a while and get some fresh air." She complained.

"How about central park? Why dont we go there and walk around together?" He suggested.

she propped her head up and looked at him. "Really?"

"Of course, just tell me when your ready." 

"Right now." She said throwing back on her tee shirt.

it was a bit on the chilly side for being the first few weeks of october, the leaves of the trees around them had already changed color and were ready to fall at any moment as a gentle breeze with a familiar cold scent brushed past them.

Celeste adjusted the fur collar of her wool caplet to protect her neck from the chill. Though her fever was well over the slightest chill still bothered her. Don, along with the I2 system, wore his long black wool sherlock holmes jacket and light scarf as they walked arm in arm down the park trail. It was a weekday afternoon so other than the regular joggers and a few people having lunch it was relatively quiet. She took in a deep breath and enjoyed the scent of wood and pine.

"Ahhhh this is great." She sighed in pleasure as they walked towards the big fountain ay one end of the park.

"You should have told me sooner, i don't mind taking you out anytime you need to." Don said and patted the slender hand that hung at the crook of his arm. "Mental health is just as important as physical."

"im really not so good at expressing my desires." She admitted.

"You seem straightforward enough." He chuckled.

"Yes for duty sake but...when it comes to myself personally im just not good at asking for what i need. Leo always asks me if there was anything I wanted and even then i couldn't really tell him what was on my mind."

They sat down at the edge of the water fountain and gazed at the large group of pigeons that had gathered there as locals fed them.

"But you can tell me?" Don asked carefully.

"Actually...yeah. I can talk easily around you, I guess its because you and I are a lot alike. We both are lost on our own heads much of the time." She smiled.

"So what is it then that you wanted to say but couldn't say?"

She thought about it for a moment. "I don't know how to word it right but...sometimes........sometimes I....I wonder if my life is always going to be this way, you know, running around the world and getting chased down or chasing down some other being. I know Im a mage and its my duty but even the other mages had lives, they had stories to tell, they had family and lovers. Ive been mostly by myself since my conception other than the time spent with the sisters and Mathias. I just wonder its always going to be like that."

"You always have us. You have me. " Don said sadly.

"For how long though? Another week, another month? This all ends eventually..and that makes me really depressed to realize that but its the truth. If Kitsune has her way then I die and so do all of you...or maybe some of you....but still. If I defeat her then sooner or later another enemy will come along, its like a never ending circle. "

"There are no guarantees in life." He added solemly.

"I guess thats what bothers me. I just want a promise that everything will be alright in the end but I know thats not possible."

"Then doesn't that make the time you spend with us that much more special?" He tried to cheer he up.

"don't get me wrong! It does! Really!" She smiled brightly but her eyes said otherwise. "Im just afraid to loose you all."

There was a pause between then as Don looked over the area, there was a question in the back of his mind that he wanted to ask but it was a very personal one and not at all considerate but still...he needed to know.

"Hey...I know this is probably not at all appropriate but Is there something you're no telling us about the guardian issue. when you spoke to the Madam she said something that sounded odd. About you being sick." 

She held her breath, god damn, he was so perceptive he could dissect every word she said and read her from the inside out. There was no knowledge or secret that could be withheld from this turtle and there was nothing about her secrets that would remain hidden so long as she continued to be around him. In a way it was a comfort to know someone could read you so well you couldn't lie to them but also unnerving. She greatly admired this quality about him.

"there is no keeping any secrets from you is there?" She smirked.

"you can try but...yeah, its just too interesting to not ponder." He smirked back.

"I'll tell you everything but please....promise me you wont say anything to the others." She pleaded.

"cross my heart." He said and made the sign over his chest.

As the day went on eventually a gurgling noise erupted from both of their tummies and they knew it was time to grab a late lunch. Donnie suggested Italian, which was his favorite cuisine, to which Celeste gladly agreed and they found themselves seated inside a lovely little cafe along the side of the park where they sat chit chatting about this and that. Whatever information she had shared with Don he buried deep in his heart and would take it to the grave. Not wanting to damper an otherwise pleasant afternoon though, he put on happy face and engaged her in trivia banter.

"So Tiramisu actually means pick me up, in Italian, due to the bread being soaked in coffee." He explained as they finished of their lunch. Naturally they added tiramisu at the end since Donnie insisted on it.

"No kidding." She laughed while taking a bite. " I always thought it was some girls name or something."

They finished off the last of their Tiramisu as she wiped off the remnants of chocolate from her lips with her napkin. "Speaking of not good at beating around the bush with this sort of thing so Im just gonna many girlfriends have you had?"

Good thing Donnie didnt have anything in his mouth of he would have spit it out. His glasses did get a bit hazy though as he tried his best not to blush or flinch at the question.

"Um...whyyyyyyy do you need to know?" he asked suspiciously.

"Okay let me start again, I dont really care how many girlfriends you've had but I want to know if you've been intimate with someone before." Celeste said bluntly.

At that, he did blush but kept his cool. "Uhhhhhhhhh.....well...yeah, yeah I have."

"You're not a virgin." She double checked.

"No." He said simply.

"Sooooooo..."She closed her eyes and tried to find a delicate way of asking. "Oh god...I feel like a pervert for asking, but how is it know..." She raised her eye brows.

"Ohhhhhhhh." Don said, his face softening a bit. "You want to know about our biology."

"Yeah." She said sheepishly.

"You should have just said so works the same as a humans. I mean...uh..we perform the same way as a human its just that our proportions are a bit bigger."

"Oh." she said simply, getting his drift and not at all surprised by the answer.

"You saw Raph do it...right?" He referenced the time she caught him with his ex.

"I didnt stick around to watch the show." She shook her head.

"Dont blame you...the thought itself isnt pretty since its Raph." He joked.

"How about mating seasons? Dont turtles have that?"

"We did when we wer younger but the urge has faded over the years so really it cant even be called a mating season anymore. Still, there are times when we are more...excited, for lack of a better word. I think its no different than when a woman is ovulating."

"Wow you know all about that." She smirked. "Okay so its not this overwhelming urge to propagate your species?"

"Not at all." He laughed.

"Is there a reason why you wanted to know?" Donnie pried.

"Raph and Leo have been giving me alot of attention recently, just wanted to cover my bases is i missed any." She shrugged.

"Well with Leo its kind of an open and closed case but Raph is a bit different. He has a hard time being honest about those types of feelings especially with girls.  He has always been like that though. He doesnt even really tell us how he feels unless its a dire situation. Chances are, he liked you from the start but was too insecure to tell you so now that you two have reconciled he is free to pursue you." He said.

"Strangely enough, I can understand that sort of temperament from Raph but with Leo....." She let that line trail off. Fact was, she wasnt sure what to think about him. She liked him for sure but was positive he would never give up his position and leader or compromise his family on account of her.

"....Ive seen how you two act around each other and how you look at each other." He said suddenly.

She was pretty sure she stopped breathing for a moment when he said that and let her eyes fall to the table. It wasnt a shameful thing but still, to her it felt odd out of place, like she was stepping into the middle of a something special, their family, and subsequently stepping on everyones toes. She didnt want to be the cause of any conflict in that house.

"....Leo has a big responsibility on his shoulders....." She started, her tone falling low and shaking her head. "He doesnt need me getting in the way."

"I dont think he would see it that way." Don disagreed.

" cant happen." She said firmly.

Don looked at her with a solemn expression, he knew why she felt the way she did. It wasnt just Leo's position as the leader but also her own bad past relationships that made it hard for to take any prospects seriously from anyone. The worst part of it was she placed all the blame for her shortcomings and all the incidents which ended her life in Japan squarely on her own shoulders, which Donnie knew, was not the case at all. She was a tougher egg to crack than he anticipated but he was smart enough to know that eventually she would crack. The question now was, which one of them was going to put her back together when that time came?
Birds and the Bees by CelestialShadow19
Birds and the Bees
My OC tries delicately to ask Donatello about his...."status". I did this one more manga art style since the whole situation is rather silly. I thought the over exaggerated facial expressions would be cute on him. This coincides with chapter 29 of my tmnt fanfic which you can read in my fanfic gallery.

Colored with Copic markers and watercolor.
Im in love with the hero by CelestialShadow19
Im in love with the hero
Yup...Im a total Leo girl, so sue me =P

Leo and OC together, done with COPIC markers and watercolor/salt for the background texture
New photos are up on my FB page for this AWESOME event!


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