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The turtles chased after the metal Titan as it charged down the hall after Celeste. There wasn’t enough room to maneuver in such a narrow area but they had to at least try to keep it from ripping her apart.
“While it had the Kryst in its hands we need to be careful!” Donnie shouted.
“Give us the low down on this thing, what the hell is it made of?!” Leo shouted back.
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out! It seems like some sort of Titanium alloy but some of its makeup I can’t understand! I think they must of found a way to fuse Dimension X metals with ours here on earth! It’s not something I have seen before!”
“Hit it with everything we’ve got and hope for the best then!” Raph said and jumped ahead of the group. He landed on the back of the titan and tried to break the glass dome that housed its master but his sais couldn’t breach the material. With each strike they deflected not even leaving a scratch.
Leo followed suit and latched onto the left arm of the being, trying to stab his katana in the shoulder joints but only finding that his weapon too was unable to do any damage.
Mikey caught the giant’s foot with his nunchucks in a attempt to trip it but the strength of the trabadour was too great and he was dragged along the ground like a sack of potatoes. “Donnie do something!!!!!” He screamed.
“Don’t worry about trying to hurt it just get the box!” Donnie said trying to keep up the pace from behind while working his hand held computer at the same time.
They hit the gallery doors and hung on for dear life as they broke out into the grass lawn that connected the museum to the Capitol building. Celeste was a few yards ahead of them leading the way.
Prime lifted the arm that Leo desperately fought to wrestle and out of its wrist popped up an array of small missiles.
Leo’s eyes widened. “Celeste look out!!!!!”
All of the missiles launched at once and barraged down on her. She already saw it coming though and as they hit the ground and exploded around her she wrapped her arms around herself and whispered, “Metamorphosis!” Her clothes warped and rearranged themselves into the black and purple battle suit she sported during their first encounter.
       The missile fire consumed her body and yet it didn’t scratch her. She waved her hand and dispersed the flames starring back at the Titan and ready to square off with him.
       “Should of stuck with the laser beams.” She chided and launched a giant 4 foot icicle at it. Even though it struck him dead in the chest it broke into a million fragments leaving him unscathed.
       As the turtles continued to their hold on him Celeste ran in a large circle around him and fired off another icicle. Damn,,,he reflects magic! She cursed to herself.
Prime had enough with the Turtles and attempted to throw them off, first grabbing Raph by the leg and hurling him some 20 yards away. Leo dodged the hand that grabbed for him and attempted to knock the box out of the other hand only to find the metal fingers in a death grip around it. If he couldn’t even dent it with his sword he certainly wasn’t going to be able to force the fingers off the box by his own strength.
       Mikey was still being dragged around as the titan lifted its leg with him still dangling by it and slammed him hard into the ground. Donnie pulled him out of the way before a large metal foot could crush him to death.
      “We aren’t going to win this by brute strength! The metal is totally impervious to any physical attacks!” Donnie shouted.
      “Well then I suggest you come up with something really fast!!!!” Leo screamed as wrapped his legs around the things neck and attempted one last time to drive his sword through the glass. His katana snapped in two as prime grabbed his ankle and threw him aside.
      “Im trying very hard to but…Ahhh shit my battery is dead! I swore I charged this damn thing this morning!!!!!!” Donnie cursed at his black computer and shook it in frustration.
       Celeste suddenly had the craziest idea thanks to Donnie’s words.
       “Do you think I have not learned anything the past 5 years! Your tricks are the same as back then stupid mongrels!” Prime said as the Turtles regrouped and stood their ground.
       Celeste raced over to Donnie’s side. “How much of him is metal?”
       “90% of him. Why?”
       “You think a lightning strike might stop him?”
       Donnie’s face lit up. “Ohhhhhhhhh…..” He knew exactly what she had in mind.       “Wait, where are you going to find a power source that big?....Oh my god why did I just ask that?” He slapped his forehead. He knew she meant to use the Kryst in its hands against him and he had a feeling it involved the pond in front of the capitol.
      “Lead him to the pond and leave the rest to me. God willing we don’t all blow ourselves up in the process!”
      “That is freaking brilliant!” Donnie smiled wide.
      “Should I even guess what’s going through your dweebish mind right now?!” Raph growled.
      “Nothing a simpleton like you would understand.” Donnie smirked.
      “Donnie come with me!” Celeste urged and pulled him by the arm towards the pond.
      “Enough of this turtles!!!!” Prime grew impatient and launched another missile attack on them. They artfully dodged but still felt the shockwave of each explosion knock them slightly off kilter. Despite the fact that it still hurt like heck they taunted the metal beast and corralled it towards the pond.
      Celeste had already made it to the ponds edge with Donnie in tow.“I probably don’t need to tell you what’s going on.” She said hastily.
      “You need to trigger a reaction from the Kryst somehow and if you are thinking what I am thinking…there is a power cable running on the backside of the pond where the cement is!”
      “Excellent!” She jumped over the pond and with her fist hit the cement. The concrete buckled and rippled as it gave way under the force and jutted in large stallagtites around her. She reach into the hole she created, fished out a large black cable and pulled it with all her might.
      “Wait your going do this by hand?!” Donnie panicked.
“Lightning is one of my elements so something like this cant hurt me…well not very much anyway….”She shrugged and dragged the cable to the ponds end. She spliced it down the middle and held the severed ends in either hand. “Get him into the pond and then get the hell away fast!”
      “What about you?!”
      “As long as I synch my energy to the Kryst it should be okay so just sit back and enjoy the show!”
       The Titan and the turtles came crashing over the hedge barrier and barreling towards them.
      “Try to get it into the water!!!!” She screamed as they struggled to stay ahead of the beast. They reached the edge of the pond and then broke off to the sides.
      “I think its Buck Buck time.” Mikey smiled.
      “Definitely Buck Buck time.” Leo smirked.
      One by one they charged at the titan and using the force of their bodies hit him in the solar plexes with their feet as hard as they could. With each hit Prime staggered closer and close to the edge of the pond before Leo gave the coup de grace. Prime lurched back as his back leg involuntarily stepped into the pond to try to balance itself.
     “Hit the deck guys!” Donnie shouted as they jumped out of the way and Celeste jumped into the water and raced over to the Titan, jabbing the cables into its body and holding it steady with her own two hands.
      The water immediately sizzled and lit up with electrical energy that danced along Kraangs metal vehicle.
     “Do you really think the human power grid is strong enough to stop me?! There isn’t enough energy in this whole city that could bring down my Titan!” Kraang shouted.
The box in its hands suddenly lit up. Veins of white light raced down the sides of it and down the hand that held it.
      “What….?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!” The box lit up with white hot light as energy spilled from it into the metal body of Kraang. The metal giant hummed and vibrated with the electrical charge of the Kryst as the water around its feet boiled and churned. In a grand torrent of water and lightning the ponds exploded from the energy charge as Kraangs body sizzled and convulsed in pain. The glass shield protecting the alien shattered like a wine glass to a high soprano as the creature piloting it cooked from the inside out.
The metal giant slumped forward and fell face first into the steaming pit of water, smoke rising from its dead body and it moved no more.
      Celeste was blown back by the force of the explosion and floated on her back. She propped her head up and tried to crawl out but her strength had left her. The turtles raced over and Donnie pulled her out of the pond. Tucked under her arm was the cube they fought so desperately for.
     “It might still be alive.” She sat on her knees gasping for air as she fumbled with her visor and pulled it off.
     “Let’s check it out.” Leo pointed at the giants remains with his one good sword. He and Raph jumped into the pond and inspected the thing while Donnie and Mikey tended to Celeste.
     “Why on earth did you pull off a stunt like that?!” Mikey shook her by the shoulders. “You could have been cooked like fried chicken babe!”
     Celeste laughed despite herself. “I could think of worst things to become.”
     “What you did was absolutely crazy…brilliant by crazy.” Donnie shook his finger at her.
     “Well actually I got the idea from you when you were yelling at your computer.” She chuckled.
     “Hate to break up the nerd fest but you should come see this.” Raph hollered at them. They walked over to the remains of the Titan and looked down to wear its head used to be. All that remained was an empty half shattered glass shell. Kraang was no where to be seen.
     “Wait we only took our eyes off of him for like 5 seconds!” Mikey said.
     “Teleportation….”Celeste whispered and frowned.
     “An old Kraang trick.” Leo sighed.
     “No….this wasn’t.” Celeste said darkly. She felt the hum of magic in the air and it wasn’t hers.
     “What do you mean?” Leo asked.
      She shook her head. “this stinks of magic....”
      Everyone stared at her.
      Raph broke the silence. “That does it!” He was suddenly in front of Celeste and bearing down at her with his emerald eyes.“I ain’t sticking my neck our for some chick I know jack shit about! First it was the gang at the warehouse and now this?!” He gestured behind him by jutting out his jaw. “For some box that happens to go boom? Do you really think we are stupid enough to believe that?! The Foot and the Kraang has access to every arsenal you could imagine on this earth so why bother for a piece of freaking rock?”
     “Raph, cool it.” Leo said sternly.
     “You’ve told us nothing since you arrived, only half truths and stinkin’ riddles. What is this really about? Who the hell are you? The others are too gaga over your cute face to realize you aint everything you seem to be but I aint fallin’ for it sister! The kraang and the foot had been out for years and then you suddenly show up and its like back to square one!”
      Celeste put her hands up. “I am not going to defend myself from that. If you don’t trust me, that’s your problem not mine.”
     “My problem?!” He lashed out and grabbed a handful of her wet hair in his fist and yanked her head back hard. “We nearly got nuked because of you!!!!”
     “Let her go Raph!” Leo shouted and proceeded to stop him but Raph shoved him hard in the shoulder.
     “Quit trying to play the hero!”
     “Leo step back!” Celeste growled through gritted teeth as she stood her ground to Raph, her head still pulled back in a painful position.
     “I want answers and I want them now!” Raph shouted in her face.
     “Or you will do what?” Celeste asked coolly.
     Raph grabbed her free hand and twisted her wrist behind her back. She gasped in pain but didn’t resist.
     “If you want to play rough then fine let’s play rough.” He hissed and twisted her arm more. She resisted the urge to cry out and bit her lip.
     “I’m not joking around girly!”
     “I never assumed you were.” She defiantly stared into his deep green eyes. A silent moment passed between them and Raph saw many things swirling under the surface of her violet iris’s. He suddenly let her go and stepped back because something he saw there made him feel so filthy and unworthy. Why on earth would he feel like that from roughing her up? She was absolutely nothing to him and yet he couldn’t stand to look at or touch her.
     She rubbed her wrist and looked at Donnie. “How much time do we have until someone figures out what went down here?”
     “As far as I know, no authorities have been alerted. Other than the explosion which might have been heard by the neighbors there wont be anyone coming for a while.” He said.
     “We have time then….everyone follow me and I will tell you exactly what is at stake here but I have to warn you. What you learn tonight will change everything…it might change your destiny or your fate…however you want to look at it. If I were you all I would just turn away and go home.”
     “You know we cant do that Celeste.” Leo said.
     “She nodded. “I know….so please don’t judge me too harshly when you learn the truth.”
     With that she beckoned them back towards the museum.

Everyone had piled back into the van and in no time they were racing their way across the interstate towards the museum. Celeste had squeezed herself in between Mikey and Raph in the back seat and sat silently with her hands folded in prayer and touching the front of her temple. She was praying very hard that they would somehow beat the Kraang there but there was no telling how long Dr. Vangelli had been dead and what other monstrosities might be awaiting them when they arrived.
Mikey was still trying to work his calming magic on her and patted her back lovingly while telling her sweet nothings the entire ride over. For all her worrying though she had to admit that he was a smooth talker when he applied himself and his Casanova ways did soothe her a bit. Normally she wouldn’t have given a second thought to someone like that but somehow she found it incredibly adorable and innocent.
The minute they arrived in the empty parking lot on the east side of the building they booked it full speed on foot towards the large set of glass doors leading into the castle lobby.
Donnie adjusted his lenses. “It looks like someone beat us to it. The security system is down and its unlocked.”
Wasting no time, Celeste was the first to throw back the gallery doors and run into the dark foyer. She knew the inside of this place well as Dr. Vangelli had given her access to it many times so she b-lined it down the nearest hall and to a set of cement stairs going down.
The turtles followed at her heels as they went deeper into the basement and down a very large and cold corridor. At the end was a security station that had already been broken into and on the other side, in front of a titanium vault twice the size of any standard door, was a lone man in a black business suit exiting the chamber with a metal container in hand. He had already beaten them to the prize. In his free hand was the bloodied eyeballs of the poor deceased doctor. His blank expression never changed as the filled the room and surrounded him.
“I knew that you five would interfere.” The man said in a strangly sexless voice that had a hint of echo to it. Another droid however this one spoke unbroken English. “I had hoped that our small army and alliance with the foot would prove fruitful in annihilating you but, as before, I overestimate the power of filthy apes.”
“Kraang Prime, I presume.” Leo stated. “How on earth did you survive the past 5 years?”
“You may have wiped out the majority of my kind but as long as one of us stands we are a legion! The Kryst is ours and soon we will all be whole once again!  You cannot win you simple creatures. And you, Ether Mage, the time of your kind has ended. The paradox will commence!” It said enigmatically.
Celeste knew exactly what it was talking about. The history of the Ethereal Mage had gone all the way back to the genesis of mankind and they had more than one run in with conquering beings in the past. Now she realized what she was dealing with, the Kraang were one of the many would be conquerors bidding for control of this realm. Humanity had dealt with them on several occasions but at the time they went by different names.
“You son of a bitch….my ancestors kicked your kind’s ass back in the dark ages and we will do it again and again, as long as it takes to keep tyrants like you out of this world and all others!” She hissed, her anger rising to the surface. She didn’t get angry often but when she did it was pretty epic. Not only did she have her own emotions to deal with but she could feel the memories of all the other mages before her boiling in her blood.
“Mage, you have not even ascended to your highest form. You reject the memories and powers of your predecessors and refuse to follow the path of a true mage yet you think you can defeat Kraang Prime? Your ancestors may have defeated us but not without a hefty price. They all paid with their blood and now yours 9th mage will be shed tonight!” Prime crushed the eyeballs in its hand as its body shifted, contorted and grew. Gears rotated, circuitry buzzed, bolts clanked and the body of Kraang Prime transformed into an armored titan, where a head should have been was a glass dome and in it a familiar pink tentacled creature stared down at them.
The body of the Titan barely fit into the room. Its outer skin shined with some sort of metallic alloy as its hands opened up and transformed into an array of guns and other weapons.
“Holy shit this looks like…..”Raph began.
“Shredder tech!” Donnie finished.
“So the Foot have been providing you with spare parts over the years.” Leo said.
“You may have destroyed our technology but we still have the mind and means to create more. An alliance with the Foot ensures we have the raw materials necessary. As much as it disgraces the Kraang to work with such un evolved beings it is necessary to ensure our survival.” Prime said proudly. “And now we have the means to strike back! The Kryst is ours!”
Prime charged forward as the group scattered.
Celeste knew it would go after her first and turned tail to run out the corridor.
Cement and metal went flying everywhere as the titan slammed through the security gate, ripping it off its hinges and scrapping its shoulders against the side walls and ceiling. She would never be able to maneuver in the building so she high tailed it back to the lobby and our the front doors. The titan burst through the glass shortly after still hot on her heels. She didn’t even have time to look back and see how the turtles were doing as her mind raced with ideas on how to get the Kryst out of its metal hands.
TMNT: Shadows of Destiny Chapter 11
ive been applying the mature filter to my stories because of gore and language but decided to take it off and just put a verbal warning at the top of the page. Hopefully no one will have a problem with it, its just hard to view this story from a normal browser with the filter on....that being said, dont like it dont read it =/

          In only ten minutes they had covered a lot of ground and they raced across the city to the east end residential district. When they landed on the dead silent streets of Pine Street the Turtles utility van was already parked out there and ready to meet them.
             The 3 other turtles spilled out of the car with their weapons and equipment at the ready.
             “His house is this way, it’s the white one at the end of the block!” She said hastily and ran in the direction she pointed to.
             As the turtles followed her Raphael had to give a sarcastic snide remark. “So this is what…I mean who you ran off to this evening.”
             “We happened to run into each other.” Leo said quickly.
             “Any reason why she’s frolicking around in her lingerie?”
             “Th…that’s a coincidence!” he chocked.
             “Leo you sly dog…” Mikey wiggled his non existent eyebrows.
             “No abnormal readings, no Kraang or Foot within 10 miles of this place….so why is she freaking out?” Donnie asked.
             When they reach the doorstep of a common looking white two story townhouse Celeste didn’t even knock on the door, she threw it open and ran head first inside. Bolting up the stairs to the bedroom, she pushed in the door and flipped on the lights and then gasped.
             Lying on the floor flat on his back was an older man in a simple white shirt and brown slacks. His dusty black hair was peppered with white making his age easily over 50 and his face wore a totally expressionless and dead look.
             Celeste ran over to him and screamed when she looked down to see his eyes were completely removed from their sockets and all that remained were two black gaping holes. The 4 turtles flanked her and stared down at the victim helter skelter on the floor in his own home office.
             “Awwwww sick!!!!” Mikey screamed and covered his mouth with his big green hand.
             “Where are his freaking eyes?” Raph asked coolly.
             Donnie bent down to examine the body as Celeste backed away and pressed herself against he wall furthest from them. She had a hand over her mouth to stop the scream that was forming in her throat as tears slid down her cheeks. Her breathing coming and going in short gasps.
             “Mikey, take Celeste into the hallway and keep and eye on her.” Leo said.
             Mikey nodded and took Celeste by the hand. She was clearly in shock and didn’t resist him pulling her out of the room. In the hallway he sat down on the stairs next to her, keeping her hand in his.
             “Its okay Celeste, Mikey is here. There’s no need to worry.” He said soothingly.
             “His eyes…..”She said almost in a trance.
             “Don’t think about it…just relax and clear your pretty mind. Think happy thoughts of kittens and ice cream and marshmallows....”
             “They took his eyes….”
             Meanwhile Donnie went back into medic mode and poked and prodded the body for any signs of life or a means of death. He flicked his magnifying glass down over his face and gently touched the empty eye sockets of the man.
             “Who is this guy anyway?” Raph asked.
             “I think it’s the Smithsonian curator she mentioned the last time….Dr. Vangelli was it?” Donnie answered.
             “So what’s he to her?” Raph pressed.
             “She said he was like her sponsor or something.” Leo added.
             “It looks like the Kraang got to him, I can see traces of radioactivity over his body and the eyes were removed too cleanly to be done by a human.” Donnie announced.
             “Why his eyes?” Leo asked.
             “You would have to ask the lady.” Donnie shrugged and stood up.
             Celeste was still out of it when Leo touched her shoulder from behind.
             “Celeste…why would anyone want his eyes?” He asked gently.
             She was silent for a moment and then her senses seemed to snap back into place. She gasped loudly and turned her head.
             “At the Smithsonian there is a underground vault! Its retinal scanned and he had access to it! They are going after the Kryst!”
             “There is one in there?” Donnie asked.
             “Yeah, Mathias…Dr. Vangelli had one that he had found on expedition in the northern Baltics. He kept it in the vault there! It’s how he knew about everything including me!” She jumped up and grabbed Leo by the top of his plaston. “Leo if anyone gets their hands on that we are screwed!”
             Leo silently contemplated his next move.
             “Alright then…let’s hope we make it in time. Everyone, we are going to the Smithsonian.” Leo commanded.

  Leonardo was easily the most disciplined of his siblings and had been designated the leader since the tender age of 15. Years of countless battles and experience had shaped his mind, honed his razor sharp swords and his incredible insight. He was quick to make decisions and rarely ever second guessed himself. Hours upon hours he could spend studying the art of Ninjitsu and sitting in quiet meditation without flinching. Years he had devoted to Splinter’s training and everything his master ever told him or taught him he took to heart. He was a exceptional pupil and leader. Despite a stern character and high moral standing there was one thing he had a weakness for. Sci-fi tv dramas.
             He had been a sucker for them since his childhood and today on tv his most beloved show of all time was having a all day marathon. He had already been plastered to the TV for hours and sat resolutely awaiting each and every episode, a case of coca cola at his feet and a never ending bowl of popcorn in his lap. It was his day off from training after all, so why shouldn’t he spend it with the love of his life, Space heroes. Never mind the fact that he was an adult mutant turtle who had defeated an untold number of enemies. When his show came on he was like the perky 15 year old hero wannabe he had been when he first discovered this series.
             There was just one small problem. Raphael absolutely hated that show and now he was also bidding for the TV, having already put up with 5 hours of the tripe he was at his wits end.
             He grabbed the remote from Leos lap.
             “I have been listening to that shit for 5 years, 5 flipping years!!!! I cant take it anymore!!!! Change the goddamn channel or turn it off!!!!”
             “Oh please its been a year since they did a marathon! You can go one day without the TV!” Leo retorted.
             “So can you!” Raph jabbed a thick finger at him”
             “Hand over the remote.” Leo said sternly.
             “You can bark orders at me topside but down here its every turtle for himself!”
             “Give it now!”
             “Grow the hell up man! Cartoons are for pussies….speaking of which, that’s just what you need! Go find yourself a girlfriend or something then you won’t have to spend your free days sitting on the couch watching shit meant for prepubescent nerds!”
             Leo stood up sharply and pressed his chest threateningly into his brothers. “Unlike you Raph I don’t need to bang everything that walks on two legs! And maybe if you spent more time training and worrying about yourself you wouldn’t have been dumped by the last one!”
             “Don’t you dare mention her!” Raph pushed him.
“Oh what was her name again…Kayla or something? A real doosey that one was, what drug den did you pick her up at? It’s no wonder Splinter told you not to bring her around! She would of sold us out for a bump the first moment she could.”
             “SCREW YOU!!!” Raph aimed a punch right for his face, Leo dodged it and using the leverage flipped Raph over the couch where he crashed onto the floor.
             “What is with you lately!? You’ve been so damn temperamental!?” Leo shouted.
             “None of your damn business!!!”
             Splinter threw back the dojo doors. “What is going on!”
             Leo and Raph glared at each other.
             “You are both too old to be acting like this!” Splinter jabbed his staff in their direction. “Raphael you know better than to strike anyone in anger regardless of the reason and Leonardo, what you said to him was inappropriate! Regardless of my reasons for not liking your brother’s choice in companions, it should never be used as a way of hurting him. Sometimes words cut deeper than blades. Go! Go outside and contemplate that for a while. Raphael, get up and follow me into the Dojo. We will work on your attitude.”
             Begrudgingly Raph got up and did as he was told. Fuming, Leo grabbed his gear and headed up top. It was about 11pm so a good time to blow of some steam off in the world above.
             When he climbed out of the sewer man hole he immediately climbed up the closest building and scanned his surroundings. He had no idea where to go but he certainly didn’t want to stay near the lair, not with his brother still seeing red and frankly he was also ready to tear his head off for pointing out his love life or lack there of.          
             Leo and his brothers had had their share of girlfriends and lovers. Being turtles made it somewhat harder but there was plenty of women out there who shared a attraction to them and would gladly service them in the bedroom department. The problem was they usually didn’t stick around too long, living in a sewer for eternity wasn’t on the agenda of most human girls. For Leo especially though the dating scene was rather dry. He was far too absorbed in his training and too strict with his own conduct to allow him self to ever really love or be loved by someone. His mind was always on the welfare of his family and having a lady in his life made that responsibility all the more hard on him.
             He did have a passing attraction for the female ninja Karai, whom his brothers and himself shared a shaky relationship with. She was the daughter of their sworn enemy the Shredder who they defeated years ago. Upon his death she took up his name and revived the Foot Clan only to meet them in battle time and time again. Finally though she had a change of heart and went her own way with her minions in tow, swearing to leave the turtles alone but now its seems that promise was broken and their already fragile alliance shattered. Nothing ever became of their relationship but he still thought back on her from time to time.
             He jumped across the roof tops of the city with no clear direction in mind and enjoyed the quiet serenity the night brought with it. It was not too cold tonight and the air smelt fresh so he let himself go and his body take him wherever it pleased.
             When he landed on an old building across town he peered out into downtown and watched the lights of the big city flash before his eyes. He loved the way it looked at night, all the yellow, red and white lights of New York made it seem all that much more alive. Even at this time of night he could see cars going to and fro and people coming out of their favorite joints, laughing and smiling. Some holding each other as they walked along and some just hanging out with their friends on a nice weekday evening.
             He leaned against the cement barrier of the roof he stood on and took a deep breath. A familiar voice rang out in the night. “It’s a beautiful view isn’t it?”
             He turned around and saw Celeste sitting in a wire frame garden chair with a book in hand, glasses on her face and a cup of tea sitting before her on a matching patio table. He felt a bit embarrassed as he peered at her and also a bit confused. Had he accidently landed on her rooftop of all places?      
             She smiled as she saw the confusion cross his eyes. “Welcome to my home.”
             “I totally didn’t know this was where you lived! I swear I wasn’t stalking you.” Leo joked with his hands up in apology.
             “Don’t worry, I know you weren’t but it’s pretty lucky you stopped here.” She stood up and straightened her clothes out. She was in her pajamas which were a bit old fashion. Her white chemise was French cut so it exposed her shoulders and peeking out the bottom he could see ruffled bloomers. She looked as if she was ready to go dance the Can Can at Moulin Rouge but somehow it matched her well and also the atmosphere of the old white brick building she called home.
             “Didn’t this building used to be an old bank or something?” Leo asked.
             “Back in the day but now it’s a small restaurant downstairs and I get the top floor.” She walked over and also leaned over the barrier.
             “I didn’t mean to disturb you.” Leo said.
             “Don’t think that.” She gave a big smile. “It’s been two weeks since we met and I really wanted to visit you and your brothers but….”
             “You felt uncomfortable?”
             “No, not at all, its just that you never called and I make a policy of not chasing after men. I wait for them to call me not the other way around.” She smirked.
             Leo remembered that they had her number pinned to the fridge the past two weeks and though he glanced at it from time to time he wasn’t willing to break her privacy over it. Now he just felt a bit idiotic that it never occurred to him to really call her up.
             “Sorry its just that…I thought maybe it would have been invasive if I called for anything other than a emergency.” He rubbed the back of his neck.
             Celeste shrugged. “Relax its no problem but why are you out tonight and where is your family? Did something happen?”
             “No not at all….well other than the typical sibling arguments.”
             “Oh you mean with Raphael.” She leaned her back against the barrier and crossed her arms over her chest.
             “How did you know?”
             “Well you know his lovely personality and all really shined through when we first met.” She laughed. “Plus I have a sibling just like him…a sister in fact.”
             That was news to him. Celeste had never mentioned her family before.
             “You have brothers and sisters?”
             “Oh god yeah, 3 of them actually. Same as yours.”
             “Do you ever visit them?”
             Her face clouded over and he saw the sadness Splinter had mentioned peek through her violet eyes for a moment. He regretted asking her that question.
             She shook her head. “No….they don’t know about….about this. About me being a mage that is.” She turned her back on him and faced the lights of the city.
             “I can’t tell them and they can never know. I send them emails once in a while but I haven’t seen them in years. I really wish I could…I mean, I really love my family, they are all good people and even if my sisters drive me nuts I still love them. Even my brother, as big a dufus as he is, I still miss him.” She rubbed the sides of her arms as if she was cold. “But we are all adults now and have our own lives, I am sure they are happy in theirs and me in mine even though I am sure mine if by far the most complicated.”
             Leo watched her with concern. She seemed like such a lonely person despite her power and beauty and now he understood why. Such sadness was ill fitting for a girl with a face like hers.
             “So I guess despite the fact that Raphael is not the most hospitable of guys, I think you love him very much the same way I love mine.” She smirked.
             Leo couldn’t help but smile back. “Yeah you’re right. I do even if he is the crudest thing to walk on two legs.”
             Celeste clapped her hands together suddenly. “Instead of standing here all fore lorn why don’t we do something constructive…if you’re up to it?” She pointed into the distance at a tv tower glowing in the distance. It was easily a good 3 miles away.
             “What did you have in mind?” Leo asked, his eyes brightening at the idea of playing with her.
             “That TV tower, lets race to it! I swear I wont cheat and use magic.” She jumped up onto the barrier, ready to jump off.
             “In your pajamas?” Leo raised a brow.
             “Sure why not?” She shrugged. He chuckled and jumped up next to her.
             “Need me to give you a head start?” He asked teasingly.
             “Oh please.” She punched his arm. “I can go toe to toe with you any day.” Once again her visor appeared in her hand and she placed it on herself.
             “What is that thing anyway?”
             “It’s a magnifier, I’m terribly near sighted but can’t wear glasses into battle. It just helps me see better.”
             “You said you wouldn’t use magic.” He smirked.
             “This isn’t magic, its technology! It doesn’t count.”
             “You and Donnie could be peas in a pod.”
             “Ready? Go!!!!!” She shouted and jumped headfirst off the platform.

             Celeste wasted no time taking the lead and executing a series of backflips, twists and turns, snaked her way across the rooftops with every bit as ease as the turtle companion who easily caught up to her. Moving at such a speed and leaping and such lengths was childs play for her as all she had to do was channel her magic through her muscles to get the added strength and stamina she needed.
             She let him occasionally slip past her so she could size him up and get an idea of his strength and speed. What she saw thoroughly impressed her. Despite his lumbering size and shape he moved himself with such grace and finesse she could have sworn he had been a dancer at some point in his life. She knew little of Ninjitsu but knew a skill when she saw it. What could she say, for a turtle he was pretty stacked and she admired a sleek athletic build when it presented itself to her.

             Leo had also been watching her out of the corners of his eyes and he liked what he saw. Of course her ability to maneuver in it self was impressive as no human really had the ability to keep up with them in the past. Added to this, he could catch a glimpse of how her muscles flexed and moved underneath her skin as her brown hair whipped around her and her cotton pajamas taught against the wind. She was no ninja for sure but she knew what she was doing non the less.
             The tower came closer and closer in view until they were literally scaling up the side of it, climbing and vaulting over the metal beams and rails until they both landed squarely at the top level which had a small platform for maintenance.
             Celeste was breathing hard but smiling all the same. Leo of course had won the race but she had to admit she sort of let him and it never bothered her to come in second place at anything since competition was never really her flavor. She just enjoyed the activity and the company.
             “Well it looks like you win… I surrender!” She panted.
             “Something tells me you did that on purpose…” Leo smiled back.
             She pinched her finger and thumb together. “Just a little…but you feel better right?”
             “Yeah you’re right.”
             They both starred out into the night and all the buildings before them as they caught their breaths. The view from here was even more breathtaking then the veranda they had started off from. Celeste let out a long sigh.
             “Something wrong?” Leo asked.
             She shook her head. “Not at all it’s just that I love the view. New York is a crazy place sometimes but from up here you would never know. Have you and your brothers been in the sewers your whole lives? Have you ever lived anywhere else?”
             “It always been the sewers. That’s where we were born and I suppose that’s where it will end as well. Although…I did spend a few years out in the rainforests of central America.” Leo shrugged.
             “Central America? Seriously? Why were you there?” Celeste asked, very interested in his adventures.
             “I was training…and also I needed to get away from my family for a while. I needed to find and better myself.”
             “Soul searching then?”
             “Something like that.”
             “Solitude is sometimes the best instructor in life. You learn all sorts of things about yourself when you are alone with no one to rely on or relying on you. It teaches you what sort of person you really are deep down.” She said as if having experienced the same life lessons. By the way she said it though, she knew first hand what she was talking about.
             She walked to the very edge of the platform and then carefully balanced herself on one foot while lifting the other behind her in a bealman position, almost touching her back leg to the back of her head.
             Definitely dancing or ballet…Leo thought to himself as he carefully watched her, ready to grab her and pull her back if she lost balance.
             “Central America sounds exciting though…”
             “You ever been there?” Leo asked.
             “Nope but I really would like to go someday.” She replied and stopped what she was doing suddenly. She starred out into the night, fozen in time for a moment. Her whole demeanor changed for a second and he could see her struggling to make sense of something in her mind.
             “Celeste?” Leo was tempted to shake her arm to make sure she was still breathing.
             “S…something is happening on the east end…Oh no! Mathias!!!!” She screamed and prepared to jump off the tower towards to the source of the disturbance.
             Leo quickly grabbed her wrist and held her back. “Wait Celeste! What happened!?”
             She was hysterical. “He’s in trouble!!! Please we have to go now!!!!”
             Not letting go of her wrist, he took out a small cell phone from his waist sash and flipped it on.
             “Yeah Donnie its me, we have a situation……Celeste is with me, she says something is happening on the east end so can you track us?....Okay, gather everyone up and follow our signal. See you there.” He flipped the phone closed.
             “Let me help you. Lead the way and I will follow.” Leo said sternly. Celeste nodded her head quickly.

       Celeste watched in amusement as everyone ate their share of toast which was some of the best she had ever had in her life. Mikey had a rare talent for cooking and she couldn’t help but smile as he set about his task while singing a small tune to himself, a apron with the superman logo taught against his chest and waist, obviously a size or two too small for him but adorable non the less.
       Splinter had finally let her hand go so she could eat and listened intently as he asked them about their night and other casual topics the way a father would. Father was exactly what he was and he related to her the story of their origins, how he had found the baby turtles in the sewer crawling in glowing ooze and how they grew up to be the 20 something year old veteran ninjas they were now.
       The way they interacted was just like family and it reminded her of the family she left years ago. The feeling is nostalgia made her feel a mixture of comfort and also sadness. It must of showed on her face because Splinter touched her shoulder lightly, breaking her out of the trance she had fallen into.
       “Celeste, are you alright? Perhaps you are tired?”
       Celeste put on her best smile and stood up. “I really can’t stay any longer. Please don’t think me rude but I don’t want any of you to be in danger on account of me and frankly the less you know the better.”
       “Aw come on girl, you saw the way we whooped the pants of those nutwacks at the warehouse. You don’t have to worry about us.” Mikey smiled.
       “I know that you are all very capable and really…I trust you implicitly but I need to make sure that no trace of that shard remains and also I have to get in touch with the Doctor at the Smithsonian.”
       “If both the Foot, the Kraang and the Purple Dragons are involved then it is our business as well.” Leo said standing up.
       “You and your brothers have already done more than enough. Let me do this next part on my own in my own way.” She bowed slightly and headed towards the exit.
       Leo reached out and touched her lightly. “I know there is a lot you cant tell us but if you are ever in any sort of trouble please don’t hesitate to find us. We are always here.”
       “Do you always play the hero for damsels in distress?” She teased. “But I am no fool, I know good men…turtles when I see them.”
As she walked away she peeled back the white coat and let her magic materialize the same uniform she had worn the previous night before on her body. She stood there in seconds fully clothed in something from nothing. Her visor appeared in her hand and she put it to her face.
       “You’ll come back right? I can always make French toast for you.” Mikey smiled.
       “I have a feeling our paths will cross again on the battlefield.” She said and with an elegant wave of her hand, the air around the lair stirred and just as quickly as she appeared in their lives, she was gone. In her place dropped a small note of paper with a number on it. She had left her calling card.
       Leo picked it up and brought it to the table, trying to get back into the swing of normal life now that the biggest enigma of their lives had just entered and exited it.
       Splinter watched his son closely as they continued the remainder of breakfast.
       “Master….why did you just let her go? You didn’t even warn her to not tell anyone about us.” Leo inquired.
       “She won’t tell anyone, she has her secrets to keep to so she will respect our privacy so long as we respect hers.” Splinter said matter of factly.
       Leo stabbed at his piece of toast half heartedly. His mind was obviously in another place. Splinter could read him like an open book and knew he wanted to follow the girl.
       “Not all is as it seems though.” Splinter said enigmatically. “She is telling the truth as much as she can but there is something else amiss, something that she might think is too dangerous to share with us. When I touched her there were many things going through her mind and in her eyes….Well, when you looked at them what did you see?”
       “I suppose I saw power…beauty….serenity…..many things.”
       “But there was one more emotion there, one she tries to keep hidden from the world.
       “Fear?” Leo asked.
       Splinter shook his head. “No…Sadness.”
       There was a long silence between them. “If you meet her again, follow her. If the foot failed at killing her the first time they will for sure make another attempt. Keep her in your sights.”
       Leo nodded obediently but there was something about this whole situation and how splinter acted towards her that left him puzzled. He knew better than to push his father on the subject though. Splinter always revealed the answer in his own way and in his own time.
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