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Mikey x Reader
Not series specific, any version of him you like!

Michelangelo, the youngest of the Turtle brothers and your recently made boyfriend, were having a nice evening in the lair as he hammered away at his video game and you sat next to him on a bean bag pillow with your face firmly planted in the book you were reading. You werent much of a game player yourself but you didnt mind sitting with him when he did his thing and found his cheering and hollering cute when he either lost a round or triumphed. He was a big kid at heart but surprisingly enough had also a deep side that came out to play only when you were around.

You looked up to see his progress and threw your hands up over your head to stretch when you stomach let out a loud rumbling sound. You touched your tummy with your hands and messaged it gently.

"Sounds like theres a rumbly in someones tumbly." Mikey said in a cute voice as he paused his game. "You hungry?"

"Oh god yes!" You said emphatically.

"Want to order pizza?"

"We had pizza last time...."

"Well then how about we cook something? What do you feel like?"

"Oh lord, Im a sucky cook, trust me...." You sighed.

"Thats cool, I can teach you." He smiled as he jumped up and hoisted you to your feet by your hands.

" can cook?" You raised a brow. Up until now you two had always ordered take out on date nights and you couldnt ever really imagine a giant turtle cooking chow in the kitchen. But then again Mikey in a apron did sound pretty adorable.

"Nothing too fancy but yeah." He lead you by the hand to the kitchen area and opened the fridge. Inside was pretty well stocked with meats and veggies as well as a full shelf of canned soda to fuel all 4 of the boys sugar addictions.

You two put your heads together as you looked inside the fridge.

"Well.....we've got some chicken breasts...that must be Leo's....and some tomato sauce....OH I KNOW!" He announced giddly. "Lets make Chicken Parmesan! We have everything we need here and there's some penne noodles in the cabinet!" He pulled out the bottles tomato sauce and the vacuum packed chicken and then set them on the counter as he pulled out a knife and cutting board. When he pulled the cooking apron off the hook on the wall and donned it you nearly squealed in joy. He looked like some adorable mascot for a Japanese snack food.

"You think its cute?" He grinned.

"Yesssss!" You squealed.

"Can you help me cut the chicken?" He handed you the knife and nudged you over to the counter. "Just cut it into small pieces."

You looked down at the raw meat before you and the knife in your hand. Truth was, you couldnt even cut a slice of bread in any kind of orderly fashion so lord knows what you would have done to that chicken. You nervously eyed the meat and debated in your mind how you could do it without making it look like a slasher film along the way.

"Dont tell me you dont even know how to cut chicken...." Mikey broke your concentration and you looked at him with embarrassment. 

"I eat out all the time." You said as a excuse and shrugged.

He sighed but smiled. "Okay here...let me show you."

He stood behind you closely so that you felt his hard chest against your shoulders as he reached around and put a big hand over yours so that you held the knife together. Then he moved your hand in quick, fluid motions, cutting the food into nicely proportioned strips like a pro. You had your mouth slightly open in amazement as he made quick work of the meat using your hands as the tools. 

Giving you a quick peck on the side of the head he patted your waist. "Beautifully done! Now can you do that to the veggies?"

You gave him a small nod and bit your lower lip as you took a brown onion and began to work at it. You quietly went on chopping as he cooked the noodles but soon the fumes from the pungent vegetable were making your eyes water and your nose sniffly. You fought to hold it back as the air stung your sensitive eyes.

"Done!" You announced with tears streaming down your face.

"Wow are you crying?" Mikey asked. 

"Yes Im so proud of successfully chopping onions." You said sarcastically as you dabbed away the tears. 

"Ohhhhhh, its the fumes. Sorry girl but that doesnt effect me. Donnie said something about our eye membranes being different than humans." 

"Lucky you." You rolled your eyes.

"Well lets make the sauce now. I'll direct you." He pulled you over to his side of the stove where a open sauce pan with plain tomato sauce sat untouched. "Now pick up the salt."

You gazed over his extensive spice rack and hesitated at all the small bottles.

"Its this one." He laughed and pointed to a blue bottle. You took it and popped the cap open.

"Just put a little, like a small palmful." You did as he commanded and as carefully as you could threw in some salt. He guided you through the other spice and you managed well on your own but when it came to the next thing you knew you were in trouble.

"We arent really supposed to drink in the lair but I keep wine for cooking." Mikey explained as he reached in the upper cupboard and took out a bottle of white wine. "We need to add like half a cup of this to the sauce." but you over reacted and didnt hear him as you tipped the whole darn thing into the sauce and a big red flame erupted from the pot.

Mikey squealed as you jumped back and he stifled the flames with the pot cover. When the flames were out he lifted the lid and peeked inside. "Umm......"

You looked down and felt like a tool. "Sorry....."

He put on his best smile. "No worries dear its just going to be very strong tasting sauce!"

"Thats one way of looking at it." You said as your wrung your hands in front of you. You felt so embarrassed that you ruined a otherwise good dinner. Cooking had always been the thorn in your side when it came to your domestic duties. Your family made of you all the time for it and now you boyfriend probably was too at some point.

"I think I'll take over from here. Go have a seat." Your turtle said with a cheerful smile and began pouring everything out on a plate. You took your seat at the small dinner table and watched him make quick work of the rest of the cooking. He placed a plate of steaming food in front of you as he sat down next to you with his serving but without placing a small candle on the center of the table and lighting it for good atmosphere. You smiled at the gesture and the fact that he was trying to be romantic about your mistake.

You made a move to grab your fork but he shushed you away from it, motioning for you to sit still as he picked up your utensil and delicatly tried to spoon feed you. Your face caught fire as you shyly accepted the food and chewed slowly. No man in your personal history had ever tried to spoon feed you and in your mind that was the epitomy of sly moves and you were a big sucker it. Not to mention the food was really good and probably one of the tastiest things you had albiet a bit on the strong side due to the wine you poured in.

A slightly perverted yet adorable smile spread across your boyfriends face as he leaned on his elbow with his cheek in his big green hand as he repeated the process. "Now this is a look I never thought I would ever see on your face." He teased.

"W...w...what do you mean?!" You stuttered as you tried to put back on your ever stoic poker face.

"Rapture." He said in a deep voice. You nearly choked on the food and had to catch your breath. Mikey had sort of a higher pitched good boy type voice and never had he pulled a deep note with you but the fact that he did sounded something naughty and made your body tingle....but maybe it was the wine. Yeah its the wine, you tried to reason with yourself. A small hiccup erupted from your tummy. Holy crap it was the wine. You were getting drunk off the food!

"Uh Mikey....i feel a bit funny."

"Thats called love darling." He leaned into you seductivly over the table.

"No I think im drunk..." You said as you hiccuped again and covered your mouth. Mikey made a small scowl as he leaned over his plate, took a few sniffs and then shoveled a big mouthful into his own. After a swallowing and waiting a second or two you saw his face turn a nice shade of purple and he turned to you with glassy eyes.

"I think I am too...."

You both let out big yawns. "Im sleepy..." You said.

"Me too...." He nodded slowly. You both got up from the table and lazily walked back over to the living room where you both collapsed on the floor in a sort of dog pile with you over your boyfriends stomach and him on his shell. Loud belches erupted from both your mouths as you giggled and attempted to cuddle each other in a drunken fashion, both your faces were on fire and red from the alcohol and you faced each other, you with your face buried in his neck and him sprawled out on his back.

"That was good food." You smiled lazily. He made a small noise in agreement and then started snoring a few moments after. You shook him by his plastron as you sat on top of him.

"Hey....Mikey...."You said in a cute high voice, wanting to get a little TLC from him. He was long gone though and snoring soundly as a small string of drool escaped the corner of his mouth.

"Mikey!" You whined and shook him again but sleep was creeping up on you as well and you leaned over him to plant a kiss on his lips goodnight. When you lips met you felt conciousness slip away and sleep grab hold of you. There you lay, reeking of wine laced pasta sauce with your face firmly smothered against your turtle as you both dozed off.

Donnie, Leo and Raph entered the living area and stared at the two of you plastered to each other on the floor in a embarassing position and in unison they shook their heads and sighed. Wasnt the first time they caught you doing weird things with their brother and then they spotted the unfinished food sitting on the table.

"Hey they left left overs!" Donnie announced happily as he pointed to the food.

"Think they are going to finish it?" Raph asked.

"By the looks of it I think they are going to be stuck like that for a while." Leo shrugged.

"Lets dig in!" Donnie smiled and grabbed a clean fork.
Back by popular request!!! (sorry this took so long to write but I had to get through my own fanfic first before starting another x reader. There will be a part 3!!!!!)
Leonardo X reader (any version of him your mind could conjure!)
Warning for fluff and some mild fighting violence and language

The Turtles had just returned from a night of bad guy butt kicking and as they entered the lair and greeted their master something about the nights event left a bad taste in Leo's mouth. It wasnt the first time they had run ins with organized crime and god knew how many fights they had had with the Purple Dragons, the Foot and every other funny named group this side of the Hudson river but when the familiar last name of the Balentine Clan escaped one of the goons lips, a small measure of fear ran through the leader in the blue.

Balentine happened to be the last name of the lovely Mafiosa's daughter they had rescued weeks ago. (please read part 1 for back story!)

Donnie seemed to sense Leo's concern and wasnt surprised when Leo approached him later that night inquiring about the ladies werabouts.

"Hey Don....I've got a favor to ask." He started as he approached his younger brother at his computer station.

Don didnt even look up from his work. "Its about (y/n) isnt it?"

"How did you guess...?" Leo laughed nervously.

Don held up a small piece of paper with a address written on it. "I did some research on her when we returned after we met her the first time. This is where she lives if you want to check up on her."

Leo took the paper. "Thanks."

"Of all the girls you have to be attracted to...." Don shook his head and sighed.

"I know, why the heck do I fall for the wrong ones? A Mafiosa's daughter of all people...." Leo laughed at himself as he walked away.

You had already showered for the night and were walking around your apartment gingerly in your underwear as you reached into your fridge to take out your favorite flavor of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. It was a nightly ritual of yours to eat a few scoops from the tub as you watched the evening news halfway in the nude. Heck you lived alone so you didnt have to worry about anyone's delicate sensibilities.

As the news reporter gave you the lowdown of the evening you heard a soft tapping on your veranda sliding glass door. The curtains were closed but you guessed that maybe a bird has struck your window. Wouldnt be the first time either so you walked over and threw back the curtains expecting to see a small helpless animal in need of your tender loving care and were shocked to see a human sized but familiar looking Ninja Turtle staring at you through the glass.

His eyes widened as he looked you up and down and a small blush colored his face. You paused for a moment and realized what you were NOT wearing and yelped a bit as you threw back the curtain again and ran into your room to grab a robe. Jesus Pete your long lost turtle crush just got an eyeful, not that you really minded but it was a bit much a second meeting.

Trying to control your embarrassment you went back to the window and opened the curtain again and yup, he was still there and equally trying to keep a straight face as you opened the door and welcomed him inside.

"I was wondering when I would see you again but honestly I wasnt expecting tonight...and in my underwear." You laughed lightly.

"Sorry, I guess I should have knocked harder." He smiled back and rubbed the back of his neck as he walked in.

"But Im glad to see you again Leo." You reached out and have him a light hug which he seemed pleased to receive.

"You too (y/n)."

You ushered him over to your kitchen counter as you opened your canister of ice cream and grabbed two spoons. "But something tells me you didnt come to just say hello." You began as you scooped up some and ate it. You gestured to the other spoon for him to join you. He hesitated but finally gave in and copied you. Maybe ice cream wasnt his forte but it certainly was yours.

"Recently we had a run in with the Purple Dragons and your family name popped up. I wanted to make sure you were okay." He said.

"That's kind of you and as you can I see I'm more than fine." You grinned.

"Thats not all. Another name popped up and I wanted to run it by you. Does the name Hun ring a bell?"

"Oh yeah...him." You rolled your eyes at the name. "My dad had some encounters with him a long time ago but as far as I know he broke of ties because Hun's style was too violent. You hunting him down?"

"Its more like the other way around.... " Leo sighed.

A certain memory came to your mind. "You know.....years back, when I was still in the good graces of the family, I visited a place where Hun and his crew camped out. It was kind of strange, like not what I was expecting from thugs like them....It was a hotel on the other side of Manhattan called "Crystal Palace" and they had a den up in the pent house." You recalled carefully but at the time you were just a kid.

Leo's face lit up. "Isnt that hotel run by (insert rich celebrities name here)?"

"On paper it is, but actually all the revenue goes to the Dragons and the Balentine's get a small cut as well." You admitted.

Leo stood up. "I need to tell the guys then."

You raised a brow. "Wait your not going to charge down there tonight and smash someone's face in are you?"

"No but we need to come up with a plan to scope it out."

"Not without me you're not." You stood up too and put a hand on your hip.

"I cant get you directly involved."

"And yet you come to my window at night asking me about purple dragons?" You crossed your arms over you chest and gave him your best attitude.

He opened his mouth to protest but nothing came out. "Okay you're right, I admit it. I only wanted to see you again but the information you have me is really helpful too."

"I really wanted to see you again too Leo." You smiled and admitted openly. "and Im not letting you leave here."

"What?" He blushed.

"We met one time 3 weeks ago and I never saw you after that but Ive been thinking about you almost everyday and I want to get to know you more plus all of this talk about purple dragons and hun makes me crave chinese food so Im gonna order out some and you can sit here and join me if you like." You said in the span of one breath. It was a gift of yours.

He sighed and shook his head and threw up his hands in surrender. "As the lady wishes."

You clapped your hands together. "Fantastic!" and ran to grab the phone and the yellow pages. "What do you like?"

"Anything is fine." He said as he sat back down at your counter.

"You have to tell me at least one thing." You said over your shoulder as you dialed the number and put the phone to your ear.

"Kung Pao Chicken." He conceded.

"That's my fave too!" You announced as someone answered on the other line and you read out your order. Leo watched you in silent fascination as you happily said all the names of your favorite foods to whoever answered the phone and found your mannerisms cute. With that you hung up and walked over to your couch to grab your wallet.

"Do you need some money?" He offered.

"Nah. You saved my life last time so let me pay your back." You said cheerfully as you plopped your wallet and yourself back at the counter.

"I thought you already did with the know...kiss." He smiled.

"Consider this part 2 of a 2 part reward." You joked and leaned on your elbows as you looked him over top to bottom. The last time you had met you were blindfolded and could only use your touch and imagination to piece together the puzzle that was Leonardo but your minds image of him was pretty spot on. You knew from the get go he wasnt human, that he had rough skin, big hands with only 3 fingers, a hard rock like chest and a smooth head but honestly, what you saw in person was way better and more appealing then you guessed from before. His blue eyes were absolutely mezmorising and by far your favorite feature. You were falling for him and falling hard, to hell with the consequences of him being a giant walking talking terrapin.

Leo watched you watching him and seemed almost to become bashful under your gaze. "The last time we met you were blindfolded and under duress. Its...I mean, Im not what you expected right?"

You shook your head. "No...way better."

His eyes widened a little at your answer. You were a very straight forward woman with your feelings and he, though not used to such forwardness, liked it as well.

"Im pretty good at sensing things, even if I cant see them. I guess its kind of a gift of mine. I chalk it up to years of street smarts but when I touched you it was pretty obvious what you were and were not." You explained. "Not that im any expert with men but I know a good one when I meet one. It takes a lot of courage and guts to do what you and your brothers do so really, I have mad respect for you."

"That means a lot. Thank you." He said graciously.

The next few minutes you two spent getting to know each other more, asking the basic questions such as hobbies and favorite foods. He surprised you with his vast knowledge on a variety of things, such as how he loved reading and his favorite author and how he and his brothers lived. Despite their origins and the fact that they lived in the sewers it seems like that had enriching lives and enjoyed everything that New York had to offer.

The food arrived and you two enjoyed your meal together but you were shocked how well he could use chopsticks despite having only 3 fingers! You had 5 and could barely finagle the things together. He laughed at your clumsiness as you let food fall off your sticks.

"Here let me show you how to do it." He laughed and tried to adjust them in your hands, placing his big green ones over yours and putting your fingers into the right spots.

"I think my hand is going to cramp up." You joked as you lifted the sticks and clicked them together a few times to check your mobility but again when you tried to lift a piece of chicken it slipped out and fell to your plate. You laughed at yourself and shook you head. "Maybe I should just use a fork."

"Dont give up! I dont mind showing you again." Leo laughed and then a loud knock came at the door. You froze in place and eyed the door with a look in your eyes that was not friendly. Leo had seen that kind of look before, fear mixed with suspicion.
"Are you expecting anyone?" He asked.

You shook your head. "The only ones who know I live here are you, the post man and the Chinese delivery boy." Standing up you reached into the pull out drawer of the counter where normally silver ware is kept and produced a small snub nose pistol.

Leo took your cue and stood up as well carefully watching the door with you as you two moved back towards the sliding glass door. You knew trouble was coming because you had gone through great pains to make sure no one knew where you lived and kept your circle of friends rather small.

"Maybe it just the neighbor...." Leo started but when the front door suddenly exploded inwards sending wood fragments all around the living room he grabbed you around the waist and hoisted you out the back door and onto the fire escape.

Hun along with a few of his henchmen entered your apartment.

"There isnt anyone here..." One of the guys announced.

"No one here and yet there is fresh food left on the counter. She must have escaped out the back. Find her!" He ordered and his men ran to the back door.

You and Leo were already well above them and on the roof with him pulling you by the hand. Without asking he picked you up bridal style and jumped to the next building almost taking your breath away as you clung to him. You heard people shouting behind you and over his shoulder saw the gang that invaded your home pointing in your direction.

"They spotted us!" You warned.

"Not for long!" Leo smirked as he threw you over one shoulder and reached into his small belt pouch. He pulled out small marble sized object and threw it on the ground. The air suddenly thickened with white smoke so much that you could barely see your hand infront of your face. He made one last jump and you felt yourself falling down and down and down with him then finally landing in total darkness. Where he had taken you was anyones guess but by the smell of it it must have been the sewers. The splashing of water also sounded familiar.

You were blind in the dark but Leo seemed to know where he was going because he ran without hesitation. Why did Hun decide to pay you a visit? You hadnt been in contact with the clan since your relationship ended with your family. You had a clean record, were in the witness protection program and other wise had no trails leading to you or your history. Were they really after Leo and not you perhaps? But by the sound of it you were most definately their target and now all you could do was trust that your new turtle friend would see you through.

Hola! So this is part 2 of a 3 part story. Its turning into kind of a mystery crime noir story but I hope you enjoyed it.I will try to write up part 3 soon so as not to keep you waiting. Cheers!
Spirit of fire and ice by CelestialShadow19
Spirit of fire and ice
A colored drawing of my OC.

Done in COPICS.

Im getting better and blending skin tones and doing magic yay!
Fallen Karai by CelestialShadow19
Fallen Karai
I know im way behind in updating my drawings so here is one of many to come in the next few days.

This drawing goes with my fanfic which you can read in my gallery. In a nutshell, Karai (after having a change of heart) decided to defend my OC thus getting herself injured and effectively out of the game....or is she?

Drawn with COPICS

I do not own any TMNT characters, all rights to their perspective owners.
The year is rolling on and on and so many things end up happening all at once in the summertime due to my own cosplay schedule so here is the run down for this summer season!

1) I realize that I have been working on my fanfic for almost...what? 8 months now? Seriously?! That is the most time i have dedicated to ANY project in my life! Its such a blast to write and think of new ideas and directions to take this in but alas, it cant go on for ever so Im on the final arch of my TMNT x OC story. One shots and X readers will continue though until the day I either run out of ideas or die...which ever one comes first =P Many thanks to all my turtle followers for the words of encouragement, smiles and ideas!

2) World Cosplay Summit is coming at the end of this month (july) again! I keep thinking it was only a few months ago that I did the last one which proves that I have no concept of time or time management =P
In keeping with the cosplay tradition of awesomeness I am going to be Sailor StarMaker (because I luvs me some sailor moon) and Ms Marvel again (did this already in 2010 but want to do it again for posterity) IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS GOING TO THIS EVENT PLEASE CONTACT ME AS I WOULD LOVE TO MEET UP WITH  YOU!!!!!! I can even take you our for beer and Tebasaki  with my cosplay partner Ayako-Chan!

2b) Also WONDERFESTIVAL is coming up July 26th so if anyone is going to be in the Tokyo Area that weekend I HIGHLY recommend this if you are into collecting action figures and other hard to find anime related goodies. Feel free to contact me for more info! I will be there in cosplay but still undecided as to what costume this time....maybe final fantasy....not sure yet.

3) TOKYO GAME SHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Which is one of the coolest most awesome-est event evah is coming up September. Pretty sure I will be going as Tina Branford from FF6.

As for summer weather, Tokyo sucks big time for heat. Seriously this is one of the hottest dang countries I have ever been in. More hot that the Philippines and more humid than a freaking jungle. Why and how it acts like this I have no idea but im dying here and so is my skin. Humidity never did me and my Seattle born blood any good. The only good thing that comes out of it is Ice Cream and Watermelon which is cheap and abundant. God save my weak butt this is going to be a tough season....


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Hi All! I am an American Cosplayer who lives and works in Tokyo Japan as an English Teacher. I have been here for 4 years and love to travel around the country and try different cosplay events and studios. I have been a costumer for about 9 years now (started seriously in 2004) and make, sew and sometimes design my own stuff. In particular I love video game costumes and especially love Final Fantasy. My best costumes are from the FF series. I plan to continue my costume hobby well into the future! I also love to make other handmade items like dolls, hats and jewelry. Thanks for visiting and hope you like what you see =)

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